I need help with Majors and Transfers. VERY LOST

<p>Hi, I recently took a test known as the CHSPE so i could skip my senior year of High School and go straight to a Community College. The reason i did this was because I moved around too much to really have fun in High School and my grades were... lets just say I'm not very proud of. Also, transferring would save my parents a lot of money; something they don't have. However, I kind of regret diving head first into this because i have no idea what to do for transfers. Are you limited to transfer from a CC to only those Universities which have a program with it? I'm very adamant about becoming an investment banker later in life and wanted to major in Finance. However, i searched a lot of the prestigious UC's and USC's to see if they have a Finance major but all i see is Business Administration and the likes. Are there any good schools in California that have either a Finance Major or Business Economics? Also, can anyone guide me through the transferring process from a CC and also the Cons of going to a CC to complete your GE's? I'm currently going to De Anza College with a 3.87 GPA if this information helps any. Please help, I'm very confused.</p>