I need help with this major?!

I'm a soph. in community college. Over the past two years I struggled badly in school...basically due to dramatic life events that happened. Anyways I am solo much better, but in the end my grades suffered so badly unfortunately. I realize maybe I should pick a major and I decided Biology. It seems really interesting and I've heard it's hard. I don't know if it's a good idea though, scared I might fail again. Should I? And which one of the Biology concentrates should I go into? Or any advice about this major would be helpful. Please and thank-you!</p>

<p>If you know absolutely nothing about chem, than Biology will be difficult for you. However, it will not be so bad that you won’t be able to understand the chem you need to pick up in order to learn bio. That only goes for molecular bio, though. If you want to study ecological biology, then I am not sure there is much chem to that. </p>

<p>If you are afraid you are going to fail biology, what major do you think you won’t fail?</p>

<p>@Latin4Life -See that’s the problem…I don’t know what else I’m really good at. I’ve taken bio and chem. Bio: B and in Chem: B+ . I just find it really interesting, but I fail at everything I ever did in life, well to me it feels like it haha. I’m not really sure IF I decide to go into Biology, what concen. I should go into.</p>