I need Help!

<p>Ok! So I am a senior from the smallest state (Rhode Island) and one of the smallest cities (Woonsocket). I just got accepted to Wells college. And got an $20,000 dollar scholarship. I want to major in Film and minor in theater and dance. Is Wells a good college for that. Also is sterotyped at this school. I want a school that is open to different cultures and races. I am from a school and I have black, asian, indian, white, and spanish friends. I like to meet new people. Is wells college good for that? Also I just want to know if the school is really that hard on schoolwork. I want to learn and stuff but I don't want to be overwhelmed. Please someone answer me. Thank you for your time.</p>

<p>Hi! I am a senior too and I also got into Wells with $20.000 dollar scholarship. I will major in PolSci but still, I made a huge research about the college. I am not so sure about the theater, dance or film but I can tell you that discrimination doesn’t exist. I am an American who’s living abroad in Turkey (my parents are Turkish), and I can tell the people I’ve been intouch with are very welcoming and open minded. As you’d know Wells is a small school but the good thing is you can really get to know people and if Wells isn’t enough at some point, then you’ll have Cornell and Ithaca College at the back yard. Opportunities for socializing are endless! Can’t say much about the academics but it doesn’t seem like people spend hours and hours doing homework.
What are your other options anyways?</p>