I Need Help!!!!!

i am applying to University of Michigan AnnArbor. i just got done with one of my short answers, and the topic is:
At the University of Michigan, we are committed to building a superb educational community with students of diverse talents, experiences, opinions and cultural backgrounds. What would you as an individual bring to our campus community?

i need someone to just comment me on it. please post your email id and i will mail the short-answer to you.

<p>hey, i think i can help you on this one. i visited u of m with my dad and we were looking at that question. he happened to notice that in the colored glossy paphlet it talks about the fact that u of m wants a diverse group of students that are not only straight "A" students but are also involved in other activities and in their community. he told me that that paragraph could give me most of the information i would need for the short answer! ;) i suggest that you look at that paragraph in the glossy paphlet and brainstorm from there. good luck! oh, and by the way, im not applying there so im not going to use my dad's suggestion. :)</p>

<p>yeah same question....bump it up</p>