i need helP!!

<p>call me crazy, but I’m a freshman in high-school. and I’m already looking at colleges. maybe it’s because of my parents, but for whatever reason I want a college that I want to align my goals with and the rest of my 3 years with. get it? if not, oh well.
lol. okay so I’m looking for a good law college with a good music program (vocal esp.) I also cannot decide if I should do law or business. I really need help here guys. I’m trying to figure this all out before it gets too late. but I know I want to go to a college and do a minor in vocal studies for music and a major in business (fashion designing) or law.<br>
I really need some input on ppl who know what they r tlkain abt!!
please help……… J</p>

<p>First of all, don't worry about colleges yet, just get good grades etc.</p>

<p>Also, most schools do not offer a pre-law major, it is usually more of an advising program that you can do while majoring in something that you enjoy. Law schools do not really seem to care what you major in (at least from what I've heard), you just would need to study for the LSAT's.</p>

<p>Develop your study skills!!!!!!</p>

<p>Trust me, it will make soph and junior year easier!</p>