I need more safety schools!! Help!!

<p>I'll try to keep this short. I'm going into senior year, at this point I have a 4.04 weighted GPA.
-31 ACT
- 2040 SAT (630 CR 610 M 800 W)
- SAT II: 580 Bio, 630 Lit, 670 US History</p>

<p>I have lots of community service, participate in clubs at school, I have an officer position in my youth and government delegation, I've taken painting classes for 2 years out of school, I take guitar lessons, I did yearbook for 3 years, I'm taking summer classes at USC film school, been doing photography for many years.</p>

<p>I'm afraid many colleges I like are a high match or a reach: Wesleyan, Vassar, Boston College, Oberlin, Bard, Hampshire, Bowdoin, Reed, Emerson, UCSB, UC Berkeley.
So far Lewis and Clark, UC Santa Cruz, and Boston University are my only match/safety schools.</p>

<p>Based on the list I've provided, does anyone have any schools that would classify more as a perfect match or safety? Location doesn't matter unless it's in Los Angeles, where I live, because I want to leave for college.</p>

<p>THANK YOU!!!!</p>

<p>boston college seems like a very odd fit on your list among schools like bard, hampshire and reed in terms of atmosphere/feel.</p>

<p>I know, everyone always tells me that. I’ve had it on my “list” for a while and I’m not going to get rid of it until I visit the school in August. I guess it’s just one of my outliers.</p>

<p>Bennington & sarah lawrence?</p>

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