I need some advice on dropping a class?

<p>Okay so, the four campuses I've applied to are UCSD, UCLA, CAL, UCR. I have a TAG agreement with UCR, and formal agreement through the Region X TAG Program with UCSD. I applied under econ for ucsd, biz for UCR, legal studies at CAL and Linguistics at UCLA. I am currently taking 16 units, and would like to drop one of my math course, MATH 122 (CALC II for social sceince, economics and behavioral sciences). This is major prerequisite for UCSD only, and not for UCLA, CAL, and UCR. I emailed my reigion x tag director at UCSD and said, by dropping the class (receiving a W) it will not have an implication on my admission so long that I complete the 60 units, IGETC and maintain above a 3.0. I know that TAG guarantee the admission to school, but it doesn't guarantee the major. If i drop this course now, I will receive a W. Also the only reason why im dropping it because, it so late, 7pm - 10pm and its so much work for a one day class. I can scrape with a b or c, but it will be very hard since I don't have stable transportation. So my question is, do I drop the course now, and take the W. Then would I have to report it? I know the update period has passed, and there may be a chance they might not even look at it. Or should I wait till acceptance, since the W withdrawal deadline is march 30, and by then I would have heard form majority of the schools. And then drop the course, and inform them? </p>

<p>Its really confusing because, I would still get a W, but it depends on the timing. I'm scared if I take a W now and report it they might see it and not accept me to the major. But the other side of me is thinking, wait till acceptance, and then inform them about the W...</p>

<p>Super confuzzeled lol </p>


<p>The worst thing you can do is wait til you are accepted then inform them of the W, you might get your admission rescinded for not reporting everything on your transcript. Either drop it now and inform them, or stick with the class even though it's a pain. You could always call them up and let them know what is going on, I've heard of a few cases where they MIGHT let you take a class over the summer.</p>