I need some advice

<p>I'm not like a big portion of this site, i don't have a perfect GPA nor am i looking to attend an ivy school or one with the prestige of Duke or anything of that sort.</p>

<p>I'm looking for a more 'average' college in terms of selectivity, but i was also wondering if anyone has any suggestions on schools of that nature. I know a school doesn't have to be Princeton or Yale to be a good school, no discrimination to either of those schools.</p>

<p>My Gpa is around a 2.5-2.6 i believe.
My average for everything was a 79.3% so i just fell short of a B.</p>

<p>I had a rough time in high school with an anxiety disorder that forced me to change schools twice and to be home schooled junior year.</p>

<p>I've yet to take my SAT because of that (will be taking them october 4th) but i think i should do fairly well on them. </p>

<p>I've worked full time jobs about 3 of them and a few part time as well.</p>

<p>In high school i did REBEL which is an anti drug program
I volunteered at a church doing youth group and choir as well.</p>

<p>I don't know if you count middle school in your college EC's but i did basketball, soccer, student council, and was D.A.R.E. valedictorian.</p>

<p>I'm not closed minded to any suggestions, nor any type of school. I'm just wondering if anyone knew a few good second tier schools that i should perhaps look at.</p>

<p>Thanks for reading.</p>

<p>A geographic area or any type of guidance would be really helpful in giving you suggestions. For example:</p>

<p>Preferred location?
Major you're interested in?
Preferred school size?
Preferred campus atmosphere? (Lots of parties, sports, etc.)</p>

<p>I mean, we could just start rambling off a long list of schools that would probably take you but without any sort of guidance we're no better than going to collegeboard.com and putting in your GPA/SAT and seeing where you're in the middle 50% at.</p>

<p>I guess I'll go ahead and throw Marshall University out there, just because it's a school I have a lot of experience with. In a city that isn't the best in the country but isn't that bad, the academics are pretty decent and getting better, and I've liked the atmosphere enough while I've visited there. They're building new dorms now and new academic buildings, which is good.</p>

<p>Preferred location? Doesn't matter, although a school with a beautiful campus wouldn't hurt. </p>

<p>Major you're interested in? Political science is what i'm currently looking at, but that may be subject to change.</p>

<p>Preferred school size? I wouldn't mind a bigger school that has the school spirit atmosphere, football games, ect, but i wouldn't rule out any smaller liberal arts schools either.</p>

<p>Urban/suburban/rural?-Suburban or rural preferred, i want the traditional campus feel. Commuter and city campuses are not really ideal for me, but i'd check them out.</p>

<p>Preferred campus atmosphere? Nice campus, lots of trees/laid back vibe. Parties are always good, and a top ten type school with good football games would be great as well.</p>

<p>upping for more suggestions</p>

<p>morning bump</p>

<p>Here is a nice university in the town where I live that seems to meet your qualifications: University of the Incarnate Word. They are currently building a football stadium and are starting up a team. For a larger public school with parties and football you could look at Texas State University in San Marcos (Texas). </p>

<p>What about money? Do you need financial aid or do you have a specific budget you are working with? What State are you a resident in? Have you looked at public state schools that aren't necessarily the "flagship' state university for you? </p>

<p>I am guessing that you aren't getting too many replies because there are hundreds of schools that meet your requirements so it's difficult to just think of a few to tell you about. Maybe you could try to narrow it down a little more by weather, price, interests (for example, music)...</p>

<p>I'm looking for a school with a Traditional Campus feel.</p>

<p>Not really interested in going south west really.
East coast/west coast/midwest seem more fitting.</p>

<p>I know my GPA isn't great, but i'm looking for a school with a decent reputation as far as background. A big university probably seems more fitting as i would enjoy going to football games and things of that sort.</p>

<p>Rural or suburban campus is fine, i'm not really into the city commuter campus ordeal though.</p>

<p>Looking to study in english or political science, but nothing is written in stone as of yet.</p>

<p>A nice liberal arts school wouldn't be factored out either.</p>

<p>I think i'll make a thread with more info like this in the original post.</p>

<p>Some to possiby look into are Kansas, KState, Bowling Green, Ohio University and Iowa State. Best of luck!</p>

<p>thanks poi, i'll look into those.</p>

<p>The other thing is to buy a copy of Barrons or Petersens directory at Barnes and Nobles or Borders. 3,000 colleges. I prefer Barron's, personal taste. They are listed alphabetically by state. Every college, their admission stats and admission rates, selectivity ranking, and everything you need to know about a school on paper. Make a list of 20-25 schools to start. Do that TODAY. Then work on your list and get it down to about 12 or so. Pick 3 reach, 4 or 5 match and 3 or 4 safety schools based upon your GpA and expected SAT scores. Did you take the PSAT?</p>

<p>Is your anxiety disorder managed, controlled and "in the past" or is it still an issue. That may affect where you pick....pick a school that wont make it worse or cause a flareup, due to intensity of academics or intensity of social life/student body...whatever triggers your flareups. Know you are not alone.</p>

<p>There are LOTS of schools out there that will consider you. Lenoir Rhyne, Mars Hill, Brevard, Belmont Abbey, UNC-Pembroke in North Carolina. In Virginia there is Christendom College, Ferrum, Longwood, Roanoke, St. Pauls, Shenandoah, to name a few. </p>

<p>In West Virginia there is Marshall, WVU, West Virginia Wesleyan, Bethany, Wheeling Jesuit (a GREAT school!).</p>

<p>Or go to CollegeView</a> — College Finder & Recruiting Service and plug in the state and find the schools to compare...and look at the admissions link to see more....</p>

<p>My anxiety is under control now yes and i did take the pre sat and scored around 1750.</p>

<p>I'm going to check out those schools that you named and try to get a good list together.</p>

<p>I take my actual sat october 4th, so hopefully i do well on it.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice.</p>