I need some "good fit" schools... help?

<p>Hey everyone!
I'll be applying next year and I'm having a lot of trouble finding "good fit" schools. I have several reaches and saftetys, but I need some middle ground schools. </p>

<p>Here are my stats:
GPA 3.7
(I think, my school does GPA on another scale, but I'm JUST below an A, between an A and an A-, so like 92.5 or something)
CR- 670
M- 680
W- 720
Combined: 1350/2070
E- 35
Composite: 31
AP Courses: 10 total, 8 by the time I apply, my school offers 8 I think, including a foreign language and art)
Essays should be good, I doubt outstanding
One recommendation should be excellent, the other should be good, but nothing too over the top or special like the first one</p>

<p>ECs, Awards, Volunteer stuff, etc:
Golf: co-captain sophomore through senior year
Several leadership positions around school
SADD member
Lots of volunteer work
Same job since freshman year at a tennis place--I play tennis as well, but my school does not have a team
Internship with insurance company... work for them over the summer
There's more... but I think you get the picture and no need to go too much into detail</p>

<p>If your not bored reading yet:
I want to stay relatively near New England/Northeast... I'd go to PA but not much further... I want a school with kind of quirky kids. I don't want a huge party school or one with a huge, overwhelming greek life. A somewhat diverse student body would be nice... this doesn't have to be diverse racially, (it could be though) or by major or whatever, just diverse enough that I feel like there is a good mix of people, and everyone doesn't think, act, dress, speak etc. the same way. I think I'd like a larger school, at least medium, maybe like 3000 minimum... but I'm open to even the smallest schools. Lets just keep it above 1500. 8000-13000 is what I'm thinking is ideal though. </p>

<p>Any other info you need, just ask! </p>

<p>Thank you so much for reading! I appreciate any suggestions!</p>

<p>Penn for a reach</p>

<p>haverford, tufts, drew, connecticut college, bates, colby, come to mind. i'll try to think of some more if i can.</p>

<p>Yeah, penn is one of my top choices... but again, its a reach. I want to find some schools where I have a better shot to apply to as well. </p>

<p>Thanks though! Any other suggestions?</p>

<p>thanks for the other suggestions. tufts is definitely a reach too... i dont know a ton about the others.. but ill look into them... thanks!</p>

<p>any idea of potential majors?</p>

<p>What about Fordham, American U, Catholic U?</p>

<p>If you're interested in engineering, WPI might be of interest.</p>

<p>Interested to hear what you choose. Your stats are almost identical to my son's.</p>

<p>UVA/William and Mary? match if you are a virginia resident and a slight reach if you are not.</p>

<p>I'm definitely not wanting to major in anything involving math or science... so something in the humanities. I'm thinking history or government maybe, something in that realm. However, I'm also leaning towards psych or english. So I'm undecided, but I don't need a good engineering school or a good math/science/bio whatever school... if that helps.</p>

<p>Any other suggestions? Thanks to everyone who posted! BTW, I am not a VA resident. I live in VT.</p>

<p>Penn - Reach
BC - Match/Reach
BU - Match
George Washington - Match
Weslyan - Match/Reach</p>