I need some HELP in DORM SELECTION!!!

<p>I have been admitted in SBU in Biomedical Engineering Program. I know that we get our Quads on the basis of our UGC but I still want to know which dorm would suit me as I want it to be near the Science Department.</p>

<p>I don't know if I'll be disturbed by the noises (as I've read in this forum that Kelly is known for its noises) but if there are a lot of disturbances then I would like to have a quiet dorm for myself.</p>

<p>Besides that, I don't know much else. So can you give me some advice on your experiences with the dorms, and which would be best for a freshman?</p>

<p>Based on:
-->Dorm activities

<p>Also, I want to know if the 24-Hour Quiet Community is toooo quiet.</p>

<p>Ha. I lived in Langmuir in H-Quad a supposed 24 hour quiet building and me and my buds used to make competition of who had the louder music… I loved those days. </p>

<p>the 24 hr quiet stuff doesn’t mean much.</p>

<p>I recommend H-Quad and Mendelhson if you are a freshmen… Why?</p>

<p>Because corridor style dorms help build friendships. There is a true sense of college atmosphere. People are more willing to make friends, socialize, get involved, and get out of their bubble. Me and my friends of H-Quad attended Seawolves Athletic games, went out to the Bench Bar, clubs, concerts, we played sports in the courtyard, and participated in the more traditional college events</p>

<p>(I believe it should actually become mandatory that all freshmen are grouped into corridor style but thats a whole other story)</p>

<p>In suite style dorms you only hang out with your suitemates, and if you don’t like your suitemates, then good luck. Its not the same down in Kelly/Roosevelt/West Apt. Also, the suites tend to have the edgier crowd. I remember I only used to go down there to smoke, or party, or Kelly’s fried chicken late at 2AM. LOL</p>

<p>Best of luck in your decision </p>

<p>Thank you so much for the typo! I just wanted to know that isn’t it that we choose our own suite-mates with matching interests? Also, isn’t the whole corridor style dorms’ bathroom sharing system a bit…idk…AWKWARD…that some 30-40 people share the same bathroom!! Is it true? Are there any other pros and cons of the two styles of dorm that I need to know before listing my UGC’s.</p>

<p>Also, will I be able to change my UGC if I get into the one that I can’t tolerate (like the ACH). If yes, then during my 4yrs. when can I change my UGC?</p>

<p>Thank you once again.</p>

<p>Where do you select your dorm preferences? I filled out all the new student preferences on solar but didn’t see where I could choose which dorms I prefer. I’m a transfer if that matters.</p>

<p>You don’t choose your dorms. You go to New Student Preferences in SOLAR and give you UGC preference order. The UGC that you get into decides where you’d be dorming for eg. SSO is in Roth Quad.</p>

<p>I’m sorry, what is UGC? I don’t see it.</p>

<p>UGC=under grad college…I think it’s a freshman thing.</p>

<p>@abusygirliam001‌ : If you are willing to share your room with some one else, meet other random people with different tastes, and live on campus I don’t see how sharing a large bathroom with multiple showers/toilets could be any awkward honestly. Take the necessary precautions (wear flip flops to shower, always wash your hands, etc) and you’ll feel right at home even on a corridor style. The cleaning staff comes by every day and cleans the bathroom, they do a great job. Also, even on suite style you will be sharing a bathroom with your suitemates.</p>

<p>About choosing suite-mates with common interests. I don’t know if that’s possible on your first year since you really don’t know anyone there yet. Also, I think Stony Brook doesn’t allow a group of friends to occupy an entire suite, they will always put one or two random kids on it to keep it balanced (I’m not 100% sure of this but i remember hearing something like this before). Even then, I wouldn’t necessary recommend that you live with a group of people with common interests. I never roomed with friends or people that I had a great relationship with… Getting along with someone really well and having a lot in common doesn’t necessarily imply you want to LIVE with that person (keep this in mind)… it actually may make things harder when issues arise… I saw several great friends not get along when living in the same room so make sure you make a good decision of who to live with on your later years when selection comes around.</p>

<p>Lastly, college its about experiencing the unknown, and who you room with has a lot to do with that experience. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to room with five different mates throughout my college years… each one of them influenced me in a different way. made me more diverse, tolerant, respectful and with the ability to embrace different kinds of people</p>

<p>Also, the way it works at Stony Brook is that your first year residential quad comes down to what Residential Undergraduate College (unrelated to your academic undergraduate college) you choose which IMHO its a failed attempt to group first year students into a residential environment with other students with common interests…</p>

<p>Residential-UGC are:</p>

<p>Information Technology Studies (Mendelhson Quad)
Leadership and Service (H-Quad)
Arts, Culture and Humanities (Tabler)
Global Studies (Kelly? not 100% sure)
Human Development (Roosevelt?)
Science and Society (Roth)</p>

<p>Many students realize that they fit in better in another area of campus for whatever their reasons are (friends, rooms, Air Conditioning, living space)… so Stony Brook gives you the freedom to choose any quad you would like to live on after your first year. </p>

<p>@CollegeKid90‌ Hi, I wanted your opinion one my choice of UGC as well. I plan on majoring in Biomedical Engineering so I was thinking of going for Science and Society; my question is that should go for a UGC related to my major or something totally different from it? My second choice is ITS and third one is LDS. </p>

<p>CK90: Switch Global Studies (Roosevelt) and Human Development (Kelly).</p>

<p>Considering our freshman retention rate is well above the national average and has continued to grow, I think the Undergraduate Colleges are working even if students don’t realize they are. :)</p>

<p>Your UGC ranking is up to you, really.</p>

<p>Some help: <a href=“http://ucolleges.stonybrook.edu/newstudent”>http://ucolleges.stonybrook.edu/newstudent</a></p>