I Need some Honest Opinions--- Columbia and Vassar

<p>My dream schools are Columbia and Vassar.
I plan on majoring in Biochemistry as a pre-med student.
I applied to these schools through Questbridge...4 more days till I know whether I am a finalist or not.</p>

<p>These are my stats
Weighted GPA: 4.3
Unweighted: 3.8
ACT Score: 29
English: 26
Math: 26
Reading: 35
Science: 30
Writing: 7 [really bad I know]
President of Film Club for past three years, President of Decathlon and Vice President of Mock Trial.
Honor Society every semester in High School.
Ranked 14 out of 521 students
Legacy Award Recipient [only ten kids chosen per subject] 9+10th grade for English; 11th for Biology
Honor Orchestra 10-11 [still don't know for this year]. Been involved with music all four years.
Varsity Track Hurdler- 10th
Member of Pink Ribbon Club for three years [20 Community service hours with them]
Member of Book Club from 9-12th grade
60 Hours of Community service @ local Animal Hospital
Participated in four different drama productions.
Member of California Scholarship Federation: 12th
AP US History: 3
AP English Language and Composition: 4</p>

<p>I have yet to receive my SAT Scores, and I am going to take my subject tests in November. I am also retaking in a few days. I would just like to hear different opinions on my achievements and whether you believe they are strong enough to get me to Vassar or Columbia. Thanks.</p>

<p>Dude, nice. You got a great record. I think you have a good shot at Vassar. The ACT middle 50% is 29-33, so you’re right at the 25th percentile, which means people have gotten in with that score. I hate defeatists on this website, but I think Columbia, just for the sake of its reputation, it being an Ivy, and for the amount of applicants/competition, it’s a reach. But don’t get down on yourself in the least bit, it’s a reach, but not impossible. Also, I might look at Vassar because it looks like it has a good Film program (which is what I want to study), but so does Columbia. You might get more undergraduate attention from the teachers at a small liberal arts school like Vassar, so I would recommend making that your top pick and focus on trying to visit, schedule an interview, show interest etc… Good luck, you’re great!</p>

<p>PS: A 35 on Reading!? Nice!</p>

<p>I live in california and flying out there would be really hard money-wise. I have two C’s on my transcripts though…and the other AP exams (AP Euro and AP Bio) I took I received 2’s on so that’s why I’m a bit iffy as to what my chances are. The Questbridge scholarship would be a full ride to either schools, but thats only if I am lucky enough to be a recepient.</p>

<p>Yeah, the whole socio-economic thing about college is very unfair… but you could just email them with any questions or see if a rep in your area is coming to visit your school or a school nearby. Interest is a big factor nowadays and there’s many ways to portray it. You don’t have to send AP scores… colleges just want to see if you took them and how you did in them as a class (just so they can see that you can handle a college level class, that’s all, as long as you took AP’s and got at least B+ in them they like to see that. a B is not terrible either.) I’m knew to this whole Questbridge scholarship, so I apologize, but what other schools are you applying to?</p>

<p>i meant to say “I’m new* to this whole…”</p>

<p>Vassar and Columbia are the only two that I ranked. I didn’t want to bind to a college if I knew that they weren’t the ones I wanted to go to. The C’s are for AP Euro. Currently, I’m enrolled in 5 AP classes, so I’m hoping that I can do well in these and rock the ACT this Saturday in order to make up for those C’s.</p>