I need some ideas!

<p>I am applying to UMich AnnArbor, and this short answer is giving me fits:</p>

<p>Engineering: Where do you imagine your chosen field of study will be in 10 years, and how do you fit into that picture? </p>

<p>i essentially dont know what they are asking me. do they want me to tell them what i think the career opportunities in engineering in 10 years be? or just the state of engineering and technology in general?</p>

<p>I think it's referring to the state of engineering and technology in general. Like, what new technologies will be developed, and how you will work with those new developments.</p>

<p>one of the ideas that i can come up with is advancement in robotics. do u think it is a good topic? or is robotics gonna be a significant enough part of engineering in 10 years? i think i can write about this as i am also in my school robotics team, and i know how to build and program a functional robot.</p>

<p>Search Business Week and technology publications for stories about where technology is going. I know B Week had a story a few months ago. Research where Venture Capital money is going now. Don't guess!</p>

<p>yeah, thanks for the suggestion. i m leaning towards writing the short-answer on robotics. do u think that it is too specific? should i address other technologies? i mean, the question asks about "chosen field of study" in 10 years. i am not to sure how i "fit into that picture".</p>

<p>anyone?? i seriously need help on this one.</p>


<p>what do i need to do to get u people to respond?</p>

<p>robotics is fine man...</p>

<p>thanx, but i am still not sure how i "fit into that picture"</p>


<p>bump.............................. i need help. please!</p>