I need some urgent advice.

I need some advice and any help at all will be greatly appreciated.I have recently come from one of the best schools in the Caribbean.We have a british system there and I have aced my O’levels examination with 8 out of 9 distinctions.Now,I just came to the U.S and I am now in my senior year of high school.I have taken AP classes in Biology,Calculus and English and I’m planning to taking some more in others subjects.Now,I’m in a reasonable school in Florida.I’ve found out that I’ve did alot of the work already and I have As in almost everything.

However,my guidance counselor has messed up everything for me.He has evaluated my scores in my previous school poorly and I have a GPA of 3.5 excluding the grades right now which could possibly carry it up to a 4 I suppose.I have just taken the SATs and I am awaiting my results.I expect a very high mark,about 1400+ as my friends got around the same thing and I’m at a higher level to them .I have read through some of the SAT II practice exams and I expect to also get close to full marks.

Now,let’s say I do meet my expectations.Now,the problem would be my low GPA,which I felt I have been screwed as the AP work is very easy especially the Calculus.I feel if I were in this system for the ninth grade,my GPA would be over 4.0.The work is very easy.Now,what do you think are my chances of getting into a Ivy League School? Will they be willing to take my senior level grades alone along with my O’ Level scores?

I would be classified as an Asian American male(I don’t know if this would help but I see this alot on these boards)…My EC’s are OK…too many to list out now.Any help will be greatly appreciated.Thanks.

<p>Talk to an adcom at one of the schools you are interested in and explain the situation. They are used to dealing with grades from other countries and understand how it differs from ours. At worst case, submit a transcript from your old school and your new scholl.</p>

<p>Thank you for your help but can you tell me what is an adcom?</p>

<p>I think your GC should only submit your grades from your current school (including GPA just from your senior year), and the rest should come directly from your previous school. Most colleges request transcripts from every high school you attended, and in your case it should help -- just tell your GC that you'll get a transcript from your old school, so he does not need to calculate those grades at all.</p>

<p>An adcom is "admissions commitee", or the people that evaluate your application and decide whether you get in or not!</p>

<p>"Adcom" is "admissions comity", but you just need to call the office of admissions, unless you know, who your admissions officer is (they are assigned by region, and come to high schools to recruit students sometimes).</p>


<p>But what do I put for my GPA? Do I count only my senior grades for my GPA when applying? That would be excellent.</p>

<p>What I would do is simply not include a GPA. Just write a brief note that your school is overseas and that it does not calculate a GPA. Instead, include an average in percent. That's what I did and I'm from Canada. Actually, the school I was applying to even told me to do that. Hope this helps!</p>

<p>Yes,but I would like to register as a resident and they would need a GPA.Am I able to submit my senior level GPA alone?</p>

<p>Call the admissions offices of the universities to which you are applying, and ask what they would prefer.</p>