I need to improve my writing

<p>Right now I have 8 practice tests for BB, and some practice SAT booklets. I want to up my writing to 800, but if I practice a section a day, in 8-10 days I will use all of the writing sections. I actually go over them, and at the same time want to save one or two practice tests to do the week before I take the official SAT. What materials can I use now? (I'm low income, very low, so I can't spend money on the official SAT course or w/e) About the second BB, are those 10 practice tests different from the 8 I've got?</p>

<p>For the online course, ask your school if they can fund it. It's worth a try.</p>

<p>I'm also pretty sure that the second BB has different tests.</p>

<p>In addition to using silverturtle's guide to study, you could also peruse this website and take its quizzes- List</a> of Interactive Quizzes</p>

<p>I know it's not exactly what you're looking for, but it's free and will help you with the writing section.</p>