I need to know how bad this will affect my transfer chances

<p>I am currently completing my first semester at a 4 year university. I am not enjoying myself. I am very depressed and I just need to go home. So I think I am going to transfer to a community college near my home. I expect less than stellar grades this semester. When I send in my transcripts to transfer for my bachelors, will doing poorly in my classes at my current university affect my chances of admission? I plan on retaking them (I am have 4 classes) in CC if I do go if that matters.</p>

<p>I would imagine it would affect them, but it's only one semester and it was your first semester in college. Depends on where you want to transfer, but in general I don't think it would be a huge issue.</p>

<p>I went to GMU for my first year of college and got all A's and B's and two F's because I didn't care. I have since (several years later) gone to cc and I brought my GPA up and was just accepted for Spring 2012 transfer to JMU, which is pretty competitive. They saw my GMU grades but they obviously focused more on my more recent grades, so you should be fine as long as you bring your grades up/keep them up, though it does depend where you are going to apply. Good luck!</p>