I need to know if I should apply to other places

<p>I'm currently a high school sophomore starting to look at colleges. I want to be a doctor. I go to an public high school, and I am female if that makes any difference.</p>

<p>My preliminary list of schools is as follows:
Boston U
U of Rochester
Connecticut College
SUNY Binghamton
Rutgers New Brunswick
SUNY Stonybrook
SUNY Geneseo
Maryland College Park</p>

<p>PSAT - 68 V 64 M 66 W
GPA - (from freshman year) UW: 94.125 W: 96.50
We don't rank, but I know I'm at least in the top 10%, possibly top 5%.</p>

Honors Global History 1 (90)
French (they only offer honors in 11th grade, and then AP) (99)
Earth Science (90) 92 on the regents
Honors Accelerated Math AB (I'm from NY) (88) 90 on the regents
Honors English (94)
String Orchestra (third chair cello) (97)
chorus (96)
Honors Independent Research (100)</p>

<p>10th: (grades are from the first quarter.)
Honors Global Hist II (91)
French (103)
Honors Biology (92)
Honors Accelerated Chemistry (92)
Honors English (97)
Orchestra (96)
Honors Accelerated Math B (84)
Honors Independent Research (99)
11th and 12th will contain EMT, AP US History, AP French, AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Calc, Honors Anatomy and Physiology, AP Lit, AP Comp, AP Eco/Gov, and Honors Independent Research among others.</p>

<p>ECs and Awards:
Varsity Winter Track (9-12) captain 10th, expected 11-12 also
Varsity Cross Country (10-12)
Varsity Spring Track (9-12) probably captain 11-12
Volunteering at a local hospital, many hours (10-12)
Research projects through school's independent research program. Plan to study at SUNY Stonybrook completing polymer research during the summers of 10-12th grades.
peer leader
peer mediator
spent summer of 9th grade completing research at Touro College of Health Sciences
Scholar Athlete (expected 9-12)
Placed 4th Nationally in the AATF National French Contest
Placed highest in school in the AMC 10 for freshmen
best in class awards for French, English.</p>

<p>I greatly appreciate your input</p>

<p>You are definately prepared and you are preparing well ahead. you have a great shot at all those schools, they are very reasonable.</p>

<p>thanks. i appreciate it. that let's me know how hard I have to work. Hopefully I can get into Rochester ED down the road! I'd certainly appreciate other opinions as well. Does anyone think that some of the schools are clear safties or reaches?

<p>As long as you're a sophomore, put a couple of west coast schools on your list and try to visit on family vacations - say, Pomona and Claremont-McKenna. The more schools you visit, the better. That way, you won't be scrambling during your senior year to crop (or expand) your official list. </p>

<p>Your EC's are definately on the right track, the research stuff is pretty cool. You definately done need to add anything - just enjoy what you are doing. </p>

<p>One of the things you can to is to orchestrate your standardized testing so that you can take each component in an organized manner, without overloading yourself. For example, you might be able to take either the Chemistry or History SAT II at the end of this year. A little prep (on top of a solid course) goes a long way. </p>

<p>Your sophomore psat scores are very good - they will likely go up even without prep your junior year, putting you solidly in the Commended category. If is entirely up to you whether or not you want to put some time into prepping over the next summer to see if you can hit semi-finalist or not.</p>

<p>All in all - keep up the good work, and visit, visit, visit. Keep a diary of your impressions, along with photos - it will help you remember what the schools were like when you are a senior.</p>

<p>Wesleyan and Tufts might be a tad reachy, but not much (depends on grades and scores yet to come). The rest are matches or safeties.</p>

<p>Thanks I appreciate your comments. They were very helpful. I am thinking of taking the Chemistry SAT II at the end of this year, and the Bio one after I take AP. I'm only really looking at east coast schools since I live in New York, and my parents don't want airfare to become an issue. I really like the diary idea, and I'll definitely do that!</p>

<p>Waaayyy too early for this! Come back in 2 years. Thanks.</p>

<p>Tenaciouos D, its always good to see people well prepared :)</p>

<p>I know, but starting to think about where you might get in just engenders senioritis..and senioritis in sophomore year is not a good thing.</p>