I need to know... now!

<p>Are the humanities at Cal competitive or not? I can't seem to get a straight answer out of anyone.</p>

<p>I can deal with the big classes as long as there are discussion sections, but I don't like being competitive. Seeing as I will probably double major in political science and legal studies and minor in French langauge, will I be in strong competition with my peers, like in engineering (I know it can't be that competitive, but just for a parallel)?</p>

<p>I just need some definitive answer, preferably from someone who is majoring in the humanities at Cal currently, and who is not a super genius (since I am not).</p>

<p>Thank you very much for helping me make my decision. :o</p>

<p>we have 3 threads on this</p>

<p>The humanities are not as competitive. I talked to Cal students there (not orientation students to get a straight answer) and poli sci students say it is not as intense. The sciences, engineering, and pre-med classes are the ones that get really intense.</p>

<p>So Calidan, come to CAL!!! (Seriously, I doubt there are French minors attempting to sabotage each other).</p>

<p>Thanks, eiffel.</p>

<p>I must say (and this is a secret between only you and me ;)), that currently, I am leaning towards Cal (probably about 60% to 40% Georgetown).</p>

<p>But that's still too close to call. And I need to make a decision so soon!</p>

<p>PS- anyone else have any info on this topic? Thanks. </p>

<p>(BTW- the reason I couldn't use the other threads is because they got into irrelevant topics about what kind of student does best in each department, not just if one was competitive or not).</p>

<p>Damn you. Go visit, be enamored, and then come to Cal.</p>

<p>hey..i'm also thinking about majoring in poli science or legal studies..still not sure now...</p>