I need to make a decision. Deadline: After-tommorrow. HELP!

<p>Which should I attend Johns Hopkins, Duke, or Imperial College London.</p>

<p>I plan to do Engineering, but am willing to change. Which college, in your opinion, is best overall. Can attract the most employers, etc.</p>



<p>One thing to note is that employers often times don't look at where you graduated. My Dad hires people, and where they went has almost no bearing on the acceptance to a job. </p>

<p>Have you visited the places? If so, which one was the most impressive? Where did you feel the most at home? Don't go to a college based on its reputation - a reputation can't promise you good grades or a great college experience. You make your education. </p>

<p>I'm also going for engineering, and I've pretty much decided on Texas A&M. I got into UCLA and USC, but they were just too expensive for me. I can always go Stanford or Berkeley or UCLA for grad school if I want, so that's something to consider too.</p>

<p>Where do you plan to live after graduation? If it's the U.S., Imperial College probably would not be a good college to pick. If it's Europe, probably Imperial College would be best to select.</p>

<p>@lifeguard: I plan to visit soon.</p>

<p>@northstarmom: I can't think that far ahead now, I can barely pick my college, lol. :-). But I got accepted to Carnegie Mellon, UVa, Northwestern, and McGill. But, I narrowed it down to those (Imperial, Duke, and JHU). </p>

<p>Does anyone know which one is less conservative?</p>

<p>I can't think of any reason to go to Imperial unless you plan to live in Europe after graduation. Otherwise, pick a U.S. college.</p>

<p>I'll put in a vote for Johns Hopkins. Duke has too much of a frat-boy reputation.</p>

<p>Great schools. Go by fit. Give us details on what you want. Honestly the difference between Duke and Hopkins in prestige is very very very very tiny. So tiny, it's just about nonexistent. Go by fit and where you think you would be happiest.</p>

<p>@All: Basically, I want to go to a school that is not so concentrated on one subject (in case I change majors, which I probably will). At the moment, I want to do Engineering with Economics. Considering that I am from the middle-east, I want to go to a school where the people are liberal and outgoing, not one where everyone is glued to their books and walking with their head down. I think thats basically it. </p>

<p>@northstarmom: The reason I'm considering Imperial is because it's the 6th in the world, it's slightly cheaper, its well know to most engineering firms, and its closer to Egypt. Thanks for your help :-)</p>

<p>Duke's the best option judging by your above interests ^^^</p>


<p>Gee, you had such nice choices, I wonder how you narrowed it down to the last three?</p>

<p>Cuz, I didn't really want to go to UVa(wanted the professors to be more interactive) or CMU (too geeky, :P), and Northwestern isn't that good at Engineering. Damn I wish I got accepted at MIT :-(. But anyway, I should be grateful that I got these colleges with my 1980 SAT, lol. I have a question. Is there a personal written note on UVa acceptances?</p>

<p>Northwestern not that good at engineering? Better do a little more research. No need to hear it from me. Just look at how they are ranked compared to the other schools you mentioned. Your comment is really puzzling.</p>

<p>so your not really sure about engineering, so why eliminate Northwestern? CMU is too geeky, yet that's how engineers are, they are geeky, so seems it would be at top of your list. And you long for MIT- I mean really how much geekier can you get? If you were accepted to UVA why don't you know if there is a personal note or not? Maybe this is an April Fools joke?</p>

<p>i vote for...</p>

<p>Imperial College of London.</p>

<p>I like the name.</p>

<p>@raising2: You seem like a smart chap. I don't like they feel or location of Northwestern. Not all Engineers are geeky, that's a generalization!! I, for one, am not geeky. I do long for MIT, its just that MIT is so good that I would suffer being in a "geeky" environment, plus MIT is not geeky, it different (maybe, quirky?) I got accepted to UVa, I wanted to know if it was commonplace at UVa to send personal handwritten notes from the dean. You must be very paranoid to think this is an April Fools joke, its not like I said I got accepted at Cambridge, Oxford (yes, I know), Harvard and Yale. Its UVa (no offense to any UVa'ers).</p>

<p>@hope2getrice: I like the name to :-). Btw, its Imperial College London (without the "of"). Very wierd, I know.</p>


<p>personally, I would honestly recommend either Hopkins or Duke. haha.
The major differences are in campus, environment, and people.</p>

<p>The Duke campus is expansive, sprawled out, and divided between freshmen and non-freshmen. The social life is campus centered with a focus on frat life and beer, partying etc. The campus is huge and pretty.</p>

<p>The Hopkins campus is more compact, but offers good spaces for recreation all the same. It is more academic and pre-professional than Duke, and has less emphasis on Greek life, though it is still present. Students can be campus centered, but more often, venture into the Charles Village, Hampden, Downtown Baltimore, etc on the weekends/during free time and can make quick day trips to DC as well. The campus is not divided (like Duke with a major road splitting freshmen and non-freshmen) and is uniform in georgian red brick and white marble architecture.</p>

<p>The weather is warmer in Duke, meaning its muggier and hotter there more often than at Hopkins. The students are about the same caliber. Hopkins BME is slight better than Duke, and the two do relatively the same in everything else engineering related. </p>

<p>Hopkins has a smaller undergrad pop on campus, and has a smaller student pop on campus in general, meaning less competition for the same resources. Duke, however, helps alleviate some of that by splitting the campus into frosh and non-frosh.</p>

<p>Academics at Hopkins is definitely more rigorous, though engineering is probably equally tough at both with a slight edge to Hops.</p>

<p>they are both fantabulous. your pick :D</p>