I need to talk to someone!

<p>I'm a student in senior year looking to major in computer science.
I have a 1790 sat and about a 3.12 GPA due to dysthymia causing ADD symptoms, I live on the east coast and I need to figure out where I can get accepted.
If anyone is willing to talk to me please let me know

<p>Plug in your stats into the SuperMatch feature and see which schools are listed. From there, narrow down the ones you are interested in and repost. Also, how much can you and your family afford?? This will narrow down your choices along with any financial aid needed.</p>

I have a long list of colleges already
I just need to talk to people about where would fit me better and what my chances are.
I’m very concerned and unsure.</p>

<p>You need to start visiting campuses to see where you would fit better.</p>

<p>Try <a href=“http://www.parchment.com”>www.parchment.com</a> to see where you could get in. I really like their site.</p>

<p>Try for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute(RPI), its around upstate New York! RIT, and Drexel might be a good match too </p>

<p>What is your current list? What are you looking for in a college? How about your financial situation?</p>

Case west
Rochester tech
Virginia tech
Miami oh
James Madison
Ohio north
The college of New Jersey
Slippery rock
sacred heart</p>

<p>My parents are upper middle class, and they have saved well for my college needs…
So for the moment lets ignore them…</p>

<p>I would like a smaller to medium sized very welcoming feel
I don’t want a penn state or Ohio state feel but I’m open to trying things.
I would prefer a campus that’s as my mom would say “grassy” over city
For example syracuse was a very grassy feel while pitt is downtown and city like.</p>

<p>Ok, you’re probably not in the market for any more suggestions (at least not right this moment) let’s categorize these schools into reach, match, safety to make this a little more manageable, do you know your class rank? That would be useful for putting your GPA in context.</p>

<p>Class rank isn’t given unless asked for and I haven’t asked for it.
My GPA is approximently 3.12
I’ve taken 12 honors and 4 AP classes (including my senior year)
My grades range from c+ to a-
I’ve only gotten two c+ during highschool and I plan to study VERY hard during my senior year to let colleges know I was struggling during my junior year and previous years as well but I’m overcoming my challenges and trending upwards.</p>

<p>Because computer science is a harder major I don’t know how to catogorize the list into reach match etc
Which is why I need someone’s help to tell me what’s feasible.</p>

<p>My councilors and parents both think my “mild disability” as they call it will help my admissions process, and my ECs aren’t greAt but
I’ve done band and gotten many awards and gotten into many honors bands and musical pit and jazz bands etc etc
Also did the frisbee team and I’m joining the robotics team this year as well.</p>

<p>@gumbymom @rhandco @‌thegrant
I could use help categorizing that list into a reasonable for my situation reach match etc thanks so muxh</p>

Lehigh (this is a pretty serious reach)
Rochester (also a serious reach)
Stony Brook
Virginia Tech
University of Maryland

Marquette (High match)
RIT (high match)
Miami OH
Allegheny (high match)
Indiana (low reach if OOS)
UMBC (high match)
Sacred Heart (low match)</p>


<p>So you need to seriously cut down on reaches (and I have a feeling that people with more experience than me will disagree with some of my categorizations). I would cut any school that you do not like more than Ship or SRU, and see what your list looks like after that.</p>

<p>You also need to nail down costs with your parents. While it’s great that they’ve been saving, do they have enough saved up to pay $150,000+? If not, then that will also help narrow your list.</p>

<p>They have enough saved.
My older brother is at duquesne at a 6 year pharmacy program and I think they said I would have enough for a 6 year program as well but I’m only aiming for my bachelors
So I think they have at least 250 or so
But I think it’s enough</p>

<p>Also @butterfreesnd‌
Is a high match a good match or bad
Please define low and high for me thanks a lot </p>

<p>Also I’m from Pittsburgh so PA</p>

<p>Also (sorry to spam the thread)</p>

<p>But I visited shippensburg and I’m happy with that as a safety
Obviously my goal is to get to a syracuse or Binghamton or a match school but my safeties I would prefer to leave as only if necessary and I realize some of those reaches are out of my league but thanks for categorizing them.</p>

<p>If anyone wants to add colleges I’m open to that as well</p>