I Need Urgent Help

Hello to anyone who is reading this, I am a senior in high school about to graduate and I have gotten accepted to 4 universities them being UCM,SJSU,SFSU and CSUMB. My dream school is UCLA or Berkley and I do not want to give up in my dream of going there. When I went to go to the UCLA Transfer page it state that “We give highest priority to students who are transferring from California community colleges or other University of California campuses. All schools admit for the fall quarter only.” Should I go to a Community College then Transfer or should I go to Merced and then transfer to either Berkley or LA being that it does state that they will give their highest priority to any CC or UC. I am majoring in Sociology but would most preferably be majoring in gender studies. I would like anyones input on the situation that I am ASAP being that I have less than a month to decide ( May 1st ).

Thank you

Transferring into colleges like Cal is very difficult. Do not make your plans based on the assumption that you will be accepted as a transfer.

It’s time to move on - it’s possible that you can transfer in, but the chances are slim and it’s best to move on with your life. Apply if you must, but don’t fit your life around improving chances to attend.

I think the above is good advice. I’ve read that priority is CCC to UC over UC to UC. But you could end up doing the CCC thing and still not get into either of the two schools you’re preferring. You will save some money, though, so it could be a good option anyway. But you also could go to the CCC and your transfer options may be the same when you’re ready to transfer. (You don’t know how well you’ll do in college.) Will you be ok with that, having the same 4-year options as now, or will you wish that you had gone to the school (like SJSU, UCM, etc.) all four years? See what you think about that, and then decide.

By the way, my son is in almost the exact same situation, and is very heavily leaning toward choosing UCR over SJSU and CCC, because someone gave me/us the same things to think about that I just suggested to you.

Thank you so much lagging, this was great advice. I feel as I came out to say that I would only apply to UCLA AND UCB but I would take into consideration UCSB UCD and UCI. Yea I feel that I should go on with my life but on of my friends who goes to ucla told me to go if i was dedicated into going to my dream, and I still am. Non the less, I am actually kinda leaning on the UCM and then will try to transfer from there if I could.

Thanks Jesse’s Girl, I will take your advice into consideration. I will work hard for sure if I go to a CC being that I got straight A’s during my junior and senior year of high school , but in the end I really do not know how I will end up. I will also work hard during UCM or SJSU being that I will try to transfer but then again lagging states that I should not fit my life around improving my chances to attend. All the best wishes to your son.

I see people in other post in the same situation as I am, and others tell the person to drop out of the csu and uc and go to a CC.

Well, it depends on how you are going to perform at a community college. It is worth noticing that classes at CCC are a bit less challenging than at a UC, and it is easier to get grades. My friend decided to go to community college for 2 years and was accepted to Hass at Cal last year. His gpa was not even perfect, at least I know he got a B for Calculus 2 class. He was in honor program (there were all English honor or GE honor classes), worked part time at a accounting company.

@POPPIN123 trust me CCC is the way to go. You can reach your dream of UCLA 100%.

Thank you ever so much Andrewjchnag I will take your advise into consideration! I will do the best that I will do in order to get there.

Thankyou Ohm888 I will send you a message!

Admittance to UCB and UCLA aren’t guaranteed, but is for UCSB, UCI or UCD if you do TAG. You’d have to maintain somewhere between a 3.2 - 3.4, which is very reasonable. You can apply to UCM and CSUs as safety schools as well.

Thank you HeardWell I will take your advice

I will go ahead and disagree with some of the other posters and say take the community college route. If you’re truly set on Berkeley or UCLA, CCC gives you the best shot. And degrees like sociology and gender studies have pretty reasonable acceptance rates for transfer students.

Chiming in, too-- CCC is the way to go. Honestly, you save a lot more money and (provided you do well) you will have better options.

You have a whole new slate. You can get a high GPA if you work hard at CC, the classes really are manageable. It will save a LOT of money, more importantly. UCLA will atleast be a possibility, and if not, you’re likely to get into any one of those colleges again through CC, so really nothing lost

Just in case you don’t know, transfer from CCC to CSU’s and UC’s only happens in the junior year. You probably know that, but just in case you didn’t know, transferring is not after only a year.

Thankyou Music1990 You have helped very much !! Wishing you the best.

Thank you @FaithGraceUC You have helped me a lot!