I need urgent help!!

<p>When I finished my application for transfering to the University of miami last month it said i didnt need a counsler evaluation form or an essay because i wasnt in high school anymore but today i get an email telling me that my essay and counsler evaluation form had not been recieved yet. I called them wondering why and they said i still need to send it in even though it doesnt say so on the app. I dont know what to do, my high school is a 2 hour drive away from where i am now could my parents give my high school the counselor paper? And i dont know where to find the essay they just told me to back online to the website but i already finished my app and it wont let me look at it. I remember going over th whole application like 5 times before i submitted it and there was no essay, I also checked the suplemental forms page and theres nothing about a transfer essay. I dont know what to do i already paid the $55 fee and i dont want to loose it.</p>

<p>I suggest you call them again and ask if you can email or fax your essay, and find out the correct fax #, etc. Call your HS and make similar arrangements for the form (by fax or email). Just follow up by phone with admissions to make sure they get everything that they ask for.</p>