I need your advice on my chances

<p>Hi everyone! i'm currently in an international school doing International Baccalaureate (IB) and I truly need your advice on my chances at the following schools (all regular). I'm planning to read Mathematics at university. Thanks in advance!</p>

UC Berkeley
Carnegie Mellon
UC Davis
Illinois - Urbana Champaign
Michigan - Ann Arbor
Wisconsin - Madison
U of Southern California
New York U
U of Virginia
U of Florida
Indiana - Bloomington
Foothill College</p>

<p>Background info:
International student at international school , first generation college student
SAT scores: 470 v/660 m (only taken it once)
Will be taking SAT2 (math2c, writing, physics) in dec.</p>

<p>Academic results:
(Grade 9) IGCSE (converted to american grading system)
English (first lang) A-
Literature A-
Math A+
Science A
Economics A-
Indonesian (first lang) A+
Drama A-
PE A-</p>

<p>(Grade 10) IGCSE (converted to american grading system)
English (first lang) A
Literature A-
Additional Math A+
Science A
Economics B
Indonesian (first lang) A+
Drama A+
PE A-</p>

<p>(Grade 11) International Baccalaureate
Math HL - 6
Geography HL - 5
Indonesian B HL - 6
Physics HL - 3
English A1 SL - 4
Business SL - 6</p>

<p>(Grade 12) International Baccalaureate (Scores as of now)
Math HL - 6
Geography HL - 6
Indonesian B HL - 7
English A1 SL - 4
Business SL - 6
Physics SL - 3</p>

Student Council - 10, 12 (currently vice-chairperson)
Amnesty Int'l - 11, 12 (co-founder)
School Newspaper - 11
Duke of Edinburgh - 11
Wall Climbing - 12
Badminton - 9, 10, 11, 12 (Varsity, national competition at JAAC, and regional competition at SEASAC)
Tennis - 9, 10, 11, 12 (Varsity, reached QF at a distric tournament, regional competition at SEASAC)
Hip Hop - 11, 12
CAS - over 200 hrs</p>

Drama - Commendation in gr 10 for brilliant performance at a musical prod.
Math - Distinction award in 2000, test administered by University of NSW, Young Mathematician Award in 1998 in Singapore
Badminton - School Award in gr 10, bronze medal at district tournament in 1998
Geography - Faculty Award in gr 11
PE - Faculty Award in gr 9
Athletics - Gold Medal at 4x400 m nationals in 2000
Valedictorian for mid year at previous school in 2001 (dunno if that can count?)</p>

Earned 8 credits at Stanford this summer, got a B in matrix theory class, C in oceanography and also passed 2 other courses in advanced tennis and hip-hop.
Worked at UNESCO for about almost 2 weeks this summer.
Charity Visits, fundraising, habitat for humanity, teaching primary kids - i guess it's all part of CAS.</p>

Good rec from math teacher, and i can say a very good rec from Geo teacher, rec from a stanford lecturer from my matrix theory class
Rank - we don't really rank, but i'd say top 10%
Don't work with GPAs either! hehe</p>

<p>Thanks you guys! I really appreciate it :)</p>

<p>I know it's long, but i really need your suggestions guys!!!</p>

<p>Stanford-super reach
UC Berkeley- high reach
Carnegie Mellon- high reach
UCLA- reach
UC Davis- safe reach/ match
Illinois - Urbana Champaign- dk
Michigan - Ann Arbor- reach
Wisconsin - Madison- dk
U of Southern California- match
New York U- reach
U of Virginia-reach
U of Florida-dk
Indiana - Bloomington-dk
Foothill College-dk</p>

<p>What's "dk"?</p>

<p>prolly "dont know"</p>

<p>well i see urs as ok, but SAT is on the lower side. ur IB scores aint the greatest, but ok. Physics will hurt u. </p>

<p>improve ur SAT a lot, u might get into Stanford as reach, instead of super super reach as it is now.</p>


<p>UIUC - pretty high reach</p>

<p>I'd recommend talking with your counselor or something and getting some idea's for safeties. All of those schools are reaches or huge reaches except for Indiana, which is like a match. You really need to bump up that SAT, because with an 1130, it makes it tough to get into those high ranked schools.</p>

<p>Just for an example, I know a lot of people with SAT scores in your range and decent GPA, and they are applying to schools such as Ohio State, Minnesota, Colorado-Boulder, Indiana, Virginia Tech, etc...</p>

<p>Yeah i know my list is kind of 'heavy', but i didn't really think SAT would play such a huge factor :( my SAT sucks, i just don't know how to handle verbal??? As for physics, my teacher really sucks (that's right blame it on the teacher) and i'm trying to score high on my SAT2 physics in december, and i'm not a dumb person in physics... it's just that the teacher is dumb in teaching, seriously.</p>

<p>SAT score will be the biggest factor, that will probably prevent you from going to alot of those schools :(</p>

<p>That's just lame, seriously an international student, on the average, doesn't not receive as much preparation as an average american student i would say.... i don't see the point of learning a ''chunk of vocab words'' just to prepare for the SATverbal?!</p>

<p>I agree, I suggest you take the TOEFL test if possible, and score a 600 atleast on it.
However, you math score will need to be higher to make up for your lack of Verbal, sicne you are in international student. A 700 math score on SAT will be sufficent for those schools.</p>

<p>Thanks, Anthony!</p>

<p>bump, could someone please rate my chances? it's greatly appreciated, thanks!</p>


<p>Stanford: Super Reach
UCB: Reach (out of state)
UCLA: Reach (out of state)
UCD: Slight Reach (out of state)
Carnegie Mellon: Reach
UIUC: Slight Reach
Michigan: Slight Reach
UW-Madison: Slight Reach
USC: Slight Reach
NYU: Reach
Virginia: Slight Reach
UF: Match
UI-Bloomington: Match (?)
Foothill College: Safety (?)</p>

<p>Stanford: Super Reach
UCB: Reach
UCLA: Reach
UCD: Reach
Carnegie Mellon: Reach
UIUC: Slight Reach
Michigan: Reach
U Wisconsin, Madison: Reach
USC: Reach
NYU: Reach
Virginia: don't know
UF: don't know
UI, Bloomington: don't know
Foothill College: Safety (it's a community college near Stanford -- you'll get in 100%)</p>

<p>Am I applying to too many 'reach' schools? Which part of my stats am i weak in? my SATs?</p>

<p>Yeah, SAT is pretty much it. I think if you're able to get 700 M, and 600 V, you'll do way much better.</p>

<p>Okay, thanks guys</p>

<p>Stanford: Super Reach
UCB: Reach
UCLA: Reach
UCD: Reach
Carnegie Mellon: Reach
UIUC: Match
Michigan: Reach
U Wisconsin, Madison: Match
USC: Reach
NYU: Reach
Virginia: Reach
UFlorida: Match
UI-Bloomington: Match/Safety</p>