I need your help/advice please. . .

<p>I was enrolled in a university in 08 and decided to transfer to a community college in 09 because I wanted to change my major that wasn't offered at my current school. Fall 09 rolls around and because the community college is overbooked I received absolutely no classes that would apply to my major. I decided to take the semester off and apply to a local CC. Its November and all my documents are submitted. I call the CC everyday and they tell me I will be notified in December. December comes and I call only to find out that I'm missing documents. January - I call the school once again and find that I won't be admitted to the spring semester due to my documents being received late. I now have taken a second semester off. </p>

<p>Now its August. I applied to a private university and now i'm 15,000 short. My parent plus loan was denied and I can't apply for a private loan. I don't know what to do anymore. I don't want to take another semester off. I just want to go to school. Ive already submitted a financial aid appeal letter and constantly praying that they will make adjustments to my financial aid package. Is there anything else I can do?</p>

<p>If your parents were denied a ParentPlus loan, you should be able to take out 4K more in Unsub loans. I believe that is correct. But that still leaves you a gap of 11K.</p>

<p>There probably is not anything you can do to fill that remaining 11,000 gap. It is highly unlikely that your appeal letter will yield much, either. The most you can realistically hope for is a few thousand dollars at best (2 - 3k), and more likely nothing at all. The reality is that the college has given away most if not all of its institutional aid, and unless you can show a serious change of circumstances (parent lost a job, death of parent, etc) most colleges will not make major changes in their aid. As most years, maybe more these days, <em>many</em> students are struggling to make the high college payments, yet the colleges have a fixed amount of cash to help and because of endowment troubles (down 15 - 25% for most in the last year) even less than ever.</p>

<p>Have you thought of reapplying to your original university? Or if not that option, another more affordable public 4year college? It sounds like you were able to afford your original college and thus that may be your best link back to the college path. Maybe the switch in major was not the best choice in the sense that if your local CCs are overfull and the privates unaffordable that at least your first major was (in hindsight) better than being out of the college loop for years on end.</p>

<p>What is your new major? Can you realistically go back to your original college and major? How about a third choice of major back at your original college?</p>

<p>Without a co-signer you will not be able to take out any more loans to cover that last 11K.</p>