I neep some input please!!

<p>I am currently enrolled at the Colorado School of Mines to receive my second bachelor's degree in Petroleum Engineering. I have already graduated from the University of Denver with a degree in Finance and decided that I did not enjoy the financial world and have always been intrigued by science and engineering. I stayed and graduated from DU because I played lacrosse, had a scholarship, and wanted to finish out my eligibility there. I am now reconsidering my decision as it looks like I will now graduate from here when I am 27. I was wondering if anybody had an experience similar to mine and could tell me if my marketability to employers is being hindered since I will be 27 when I graduate? Thanks for your input.</p>

<p>I finished my first BS when I was 26. Nobody will care.</p>

<p>Its illegal for corporations to discriminate by age. Do your best, do your homework, and try your best to get internships just like any other student. I know plenty of late 20s graduates that have succeeded in the field after receiving their bachelors a little late.</p>