I never got the email but got accepted...

<p>Dear ~~~~~~~
Greetings from Hanover!
This is just a brief note to inform you that your decision letter will be posted online to the Dartmouth Student Information System after 5:00 pm Eastern Time on Thursday, April 1. Your decision letter will be available until April 15.
You can check your status and/or retrieve your username and password here:
Note: please use the above url to check your status; if you have bookmarked any status checking pages in the past, you may find they are no longer active.
If you are unable to access your decision online, you may call our office on or after April 2 at 603-646-2875 to receive the decision over the phone or request a paper copy. Our office does not mail paper decision letters or release decisions over the phone unless specifically requested by the applicant.
Sincere regards,
The Admissions Committee
Dartmouth College</p>

<p>I found this in another thread and I never received this. To retrieve my decision I had to confirm my email and they had to send me a new login and password. The acceptance came as quite a shock to me because I thought I had left my application intentionally incomplete since I decided not to apply in January (I did not pay the fee and didn't send a student rec). I called the admissions office and they said the acceptance is legitimate. I just find all of this a bit strange... I paid today and my college counselor must have pulled a peer rec from my files (I had one written for another occasion). That seems to be the only possible explanation. Nevertheless, I will be going to Dartmouth next year.</p>

<p>Congrats! That's great!</p>