I now have a bachelor of science in biology degree...

<p>Tomorroww, on Saturday, I will be receiving my Bachelor of Science in Biology degree. While I am proud that I am now a college graduate, I feel as though I need to pursue something I enjoy. I want to thank everyone who gave me advice as to how I should proceed from here. I have started the process of preparing myself for probably pursuing engineering while I am employed in a job that relates to my former biology major and new engineering major (and yes, it will be paid for by my employer). I'm thinking about doing something computer related or maybe civil engineering. There are opportunities for both computer stuff and civil engineering at my company. Which is better, however? What are your thoughts, parents?</p>

<p>This is a new job you are beginning?</p>

<p>As an employer, I want to see my new hire work hard and be dedicated to learning how to perform the necessary tasks and show me that he's eager to learn and grow.</p>

<p>A little humility combined with a lot of hard work will get you further than bemoaning how little you like biology.</p>

<p>I once hired a recent graduate. He quit after six weeks. Reason? The company, in his opinion, was a dead end. The company already had an owner and a manager and he was just a worker. Well ... the qualification to be the owner is to have a large sum of cash and the ability to pay staff before self; the qualification to be the manager is to work more than six weeks. What he didn't know was that the incumbent manager was living on borrowed time until I could get someone trained for the slot. There's a moral here.</p>

<p>I've actually worked at this job for a little over a year. I worked there while I was finishing up school. I DID like some parts of the biology, and I'm working in that area at my job. I was just a little frustrated at school because some of the schoolwork did not relate to my area of specialization, which actually is very close to engineering but with a biology flavor to it. I had wanted to get an engineering degree to enhance this area of specialization and to advance in my company, but I was trying to decide what would be the best way to pursue this. I do plan to stay at my company, and I will heed your lesson and stick it out.</p>