I picked SCU over...

<p>May has arrived which means the commitment date has also arrived. For those who were among the very select group to be admitted and have selected SCU Congratulations!</p>

<p>After all the Nerve-racking waiting and excitment new college confidential SCU Broncos and parents post to say which schools they turned down to come to SCU.</p>

<p>Admitted: X, Y, and Z</p>

<p>Chose: SCU Leavey School of Business (or other School or Major)</p>

<p>Once Again Congratulations!</p>

<p>Admitted: USC, UC San Diego, Pepperdine, Georgetown University, Loyola Marymount, and Boston College</p>

<p>Chose: Santa Clara University (SCU Leavey School of Business!!)</p>

<p>Our d was accepted at: UW, Cal Poly, Occidental, UCD, UCB, LMU & Boston U.</p>

<p>Accepted into Engineering Dept at SCU.</p>

<p>Admitted: UC Santa Barbara, NYU, University of San Diego, Cal Ploy, USC, Boston, and Fordham University</p>

<p>Chose: SCU School of Engineering!</p>

<p>Son was admitted to USC, Cal Poly SLO, LMU, Colorado School of Mines.</p>

<p>Chose: SCU School of Engineering</p>

<p>Admitted: USC, UCSD, UCI, UCD, Occidental, Boston U</p>

<p>Chose: SCU Leavey School of Business</p>

<p>Admitted: USC, College of Charleston, LMU, Chapman, Furman, Tulane, some others, I forget
Chose: SCU</p>

<p>Admitted: USC, UCLA, Villanova, Chapman, Cal Poly, Trinity</p>

<p>Chose: SCU Business</p>

<p>Those of you who accepted SCU for business - WHY? I have a son who is still on the fence and I am trying to convince him to go to SCU.......help me out</p>

<p>I noticed you're trying to pick between Puget Sound and SCU. While I personally did not do any research on Puget Sound during my college search, I would say that the main thing that attracted me to SCU's Leavey School of Business was the fact that it is ranked very well, and the opportunity for amazing internships. SCU's location in the Silicon Valley and the internship opportunities that come with that made it a pretty easy choice for me, and the stunning campus/awesome weather/incredible business building (Lucas Hall) did nothing but help me in my decision.</p>

<p>Admitted: St. Mary's, LMU, USD, Cal Poly SLO, USF, Boston College</p>

<p>Chose SCU School of Arts and Sciences.</p>

<p>I loved the community feeling at SCU. Plus, my mom went there and loved it. My first choice of the places I was accepted was Boston College, but Santa Clara was astronomically better with financial aid and scholarships. Also more friendly. Also, I liked the diversity at SCU. I didn't really care about diversity at all until I visited Santa Clara and saw how dynamic it made the community.</p>

<p>Admitted: UCSB, UCI, UOP, SCU</p>

<p>Chose: SCU school of Engineering (although ill get in debt which wouldn´t have happened had i chosen the other ones)</p>

<p>Admitted: Miami of Ohio Farmer School of Business, Marquette, Univ of Dayton, Marist, Fairfield Univ</p>

<p>Chose: SCU-after accepted student weekend. General sense of happiness and inclusive community culture</p>

<p>My son admitted to: University of Oregon Honors college, Occidental, Willamette, SCU</p>

<p>Attending: Leavey School of Business, major probably Economics, in Deans leadership program</p>

<p>Reasons: Reputation in business, Silicon Valley location, beautiful campus, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, impressed by classes he attended and students he met (admitted students day and an overnight visit), generous merit scholarship.</p>

<p>Admitted: Miami of Ohio, Santa Clara (I only applied to 4 schools total)</p>

<p>Attending: SCU Leavey School of Business</p>