I pray that this is satire: NY Magazine

<p>The</a> Look Book - Best-Friends Edition -- New York Magazine</p>

<p>A friend of mine sent me this link to this absurd interview by NY Mag's Look Book. Apparently, this section is some pretentious Page Six that photographs "interesting" and "unique" people on the street of New York. I thought the interview with the two hipster ditzes was so unintentionally funny that I had to post it here.</p>

<p>hahahah the first is the funniest, I mean no hipster would go damaging their cred like that. If they're serious, wow, just wow.</p>

<p>Hipsters are right up there with guidos and fake gangsters.</p>

<p>They have to be on some serious stuff to give responses like that. I do like the idea behind the article though. I just wish they would have picked more people like the hippies, since that was just the best. I can only imagine reading that in print...</p>

<p>Oh. My. Gosh.</p>

<p>"We saved a deer that got hit by a car. We found it on the side of the road. It was foaming and bloody, and we laid on it and hugged and stroked it. It got up twenty minutes later; it had regained its energy."</p>


<p>Regained just enough energy to go and commit suicide before these two could touch it again.</p>