I put pre med club on my resume for UCLA nursing


So one of the activities I participated in was being the club president of the pre-med club. In our school pre-med club is not only for people wanting to become a doctor but also for students wanting to go into other medical professions like nursing. I thought that this was the same for all schools, however, it seems like for most schools pre-med club is only for people who want to be doctors. In my resume, I just listed my responsibilities as a president, I did not say that the club was for anyone interested in the medical field, as I thought it was implied. I’m afraid that the admission officers are going to misunderstand what the club is for and think I’m actually interested in becoming a nurse and not a doctor.

However, I have made it clear throughout my applications that nursing is what I want to go into. I have shadowed a whole lot of nurses, I have written all about nursing in my statement of purpose, and my recommenders are also going to mention it. Do you think that this is going to hurt my chances of getting in? I think it should be clear that I want to go into nursing but I’m afraid that this one misunderstanding will cause them to think otherwise.

Thank you!

“hurt my chances of getting in?”
Yours can’t be the only hs they’ve ever seen that does this.

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@lookingforward Yay! Thank you so much for your reply! I’m much more relieved now.