I read about undergrad credits..

<p>Currenly I have 2 years left, about 60 credits remaining. I hold an associates degree with a 2.8, of course I have had some hardships along the way, but who doesnt so ill cut you all the talk about them..
Basically Im wondering about something I recently read that most MBA programs look at your most recent 60 credits.</p>

<p>It is my first semester as a transfer and I have roughly a 3.2 this semester, and that was with a really tough course load, full time job experience at a computer software company, and running a business on the weekends..not bad.</p>

<p>So basically If I keep it up, take 12 credits a semester to maybe lower the course load and boost up my GPA to a probable 3.5, finish up with my Computer Science degree..they will look at mostly my most recent 2 1/2 years (roughly 70 credits)?</p>


<p>Schools will look at your entire transcript but of course they will also pay attention to upward trends in grades. If you can explain your lower years in your essays, then you might be okay. But I think more important than grades will be your work experience, as well as your GMAT score. It sounds like you're still at least 4-5 years away from applying to business school, so just concentrate on school and finding a job.</p>