i REALLI hope Harvard likes track stars..chance me:)

<p>I am a senior from Ontario, Canada and I wanted to apply to HYP and I was also thinking about Cornell and Brown. My problem is that I don't know if I stand a chance of getting in to the ivies because I did REALLY bad in grades 9-11 due to personal reasons (I think I ended up with a 69% avg. all together in those grades). In Grade 12 however, I worked/trained EXTREMELY hard and managed to pull it all together</p>

<p>For track I have been recruited by virtually every Canadian University but with my situation, I dnt kno if my performance is enough to get me in. I come from a pretty poor black family and I am hoping to get a full track scholarship so tell me what you think..</p>

<p>Black, low-income family
SAT I: verbal:780 math:700 writing:750
SAT II's: American History:750 English Lit: 780 World History: 780 </p>


<p>Graduated second in my class, 94% avg.
General Proficiency Award, accorded to top three graduating students
Highest Honours Award - Summa Cum Laude Role
Ontario Scholars Award
Bob Scott Award for outstanding achievement in the humanities and social sciences
Subject Proficiency Awards in International Business, History, World Issues, and Economics, given to students with the highest academic average in their respective subjects</p>


<p>Carleton University Admission Scholarship
York University Admission Scholarship
Queen’s Principal’s Scholarship
McMaster’s President’s Award
Ottawa’s Renewable Admission Scholarship
Waterloo’s President’s Scholarship of Distinction
The University of Toronto Scholars Award
St. Michael’s Foundation Admission Scholarship (UofT)
Windsor’s Outstanding Scholars Award
Windsor’s Dean’s Entrance Scholarship
Western’s Continuing Admission Scholarship</p>


<p>Track and Field: 4 years
Captain and two-time MVP of Track and Field Team
Two-time Regional Champion in 110m and 400m hurdles
City Titles in 110m and 400m hurdles
Bronze Medalist in the 110m and 400m Hurdles at High School Provincial championships
Canadian Junior National Bronze Medalist in the 110m Hurdles, 400m Hurdles and Decathlon
National Canadian Legion Bronze Medalist in the 110m, 400m and Decathlon
OTFA (outside of school provincials) Bronze Medalist in the 110m Hurdles, 400m Hurdles, and the Decathlon</p>

<p>Football: 3 years, Running Back
First Team Running Back for Metro Toronto Wildcats Football Team (outside of school)</p>

<p>First Team Running Back for High School Football
Won 3 high school Regional Championships
Won 2 City Championships</p>


<p>I played basketball for my high school as a freshman, junior and a senior</p>

<p>Over 400 volunteering hours
Environment club
Member of Best Buddies Canada, (volunteering with disabled kids)
DECCA, as a senior
President and founder of "Saints Transforming the Community", spearheaded blood donor clinics, Hospital Visits, food banks, community clean ups, 30 hr famines etc. we also raised over $10,000 for a school in Sierra Leone</p>

school library
Leisure world, local senior's home
SAINTS (Senior Citizens in North Toronto Seniors)
Meals On Wheels Volunteer</p>

<p>obviously the weakest part of my profile is my high school transcript in grades 9-11, but I did manage to drastically turn things around. Do you think HYP or any other ivy would waive my poor performance in early years in light of my athletic performance and other accomplishments???</p>

<p>sure i think so..dont worry everything will be fine</p>

<p>Really?..i realize that other students will have amazing marks and great EC's..but do u think that the fact that i am a national track star will really set me apart??</p>

<p>I'm assuming that since you are grade 12, you've applied for c/o 2012.
In that case, I'm thinking you'd need to have been recruited to get in. Otherwise, with your 9-11 record, there is very, very little chance.
But then again, you are an URM and a track star, so who knows?</p>

<p>thnx for the feedback..
but cud u juss clarify a few things for me...
(srry...i am ignorant to alot of the lingo..lol)
and no i havent applied yet..i am planning to in the upcoming year</p>

<p>what are your times like?</p>

<p>Your athletic results probably aren't good enough. All those third places hardly makes you a "national track star". I think Harvard would be looking for people that can win not ones that come in behind two others and call themselves stars.</p>

<p>i just realized i made a mistake when i posted my performances..
i won bronze in the hurdle events but won gold in all three of the decathlons..thts what i meant when i said "national track star"</p>

<p>these are my performances for the decathlon and hurdle events:</p>

<p>100m: 10.9
110mH: 14.4
400mH: 55.4

<p>and once again..what is c/o? and URM??</p>

<p>If you run a legitimate 10.9 on an electronic clock you would have been recruited already. Harvard is really hurting for sprinters.<br>
How did you get academic honors with a 69% average? and graduated with a 94%?</p>

<p>c/o = class of (as in the year you graduate)
URM = under represented minority</p>

<p>hand time or auto, those are definitely some fast times. those certainly are D1 quality marks, but they're not good enough to guarantee admission. but they will help for sure. if you contact the coaches at harvard i'm sure you could learn much more about your admissions chances than anyone can tell you here.</p>

<p>yea i dnt count hand times and neither do D1 schools..all of those are electronic...and in canada..we dnt have cumulative GPA's we only have percentages..which are calculated and ranked by year..and also when ur applying to canadian universities they you only send in ur gr 12 marks and nothing else is counted..therefore..when i am talking about a 94 avg..i am talking about gr 12</p>