I really dislike pace university at the moment

I’m sorry that I found myself here typing these things. This is a school full of red tape. I had no idea that this school would be so big. At first, I was thinking about all the positives that come with being in an organization full of employees and customers. Then the negatives began to stick out. Most of the teachers I have been working with so far have serious communication issues. I usually ask questions via email, at least in my bachelor’s program. To my surprise, the professors at my bachelor’s program were more accurate in understanding my questions than the more expensive school (PACE). I tend to get answers that are unrelated to the questions I ask.

My accounting teacher doesn’t speak English very well and points the finger at me for communication issues. I guess it prepares me for a future of dealing with people who may have language barriers in the business world.

My ‘managing innovation’ teacher speaks English very well. However, his response to my questions that I email is ‘google it’. I feel as though I’m only getting value by hearing about the things he talk about in class when he strays from what the book teaches at times.

We are not allowed to use a laptop in a class that teaches us about innovation and change. It’s like going to school in the 60’s or something. My professor aggressively told a student “shut that laptop off or else leave my classroom”. Is this the example of how we ought to conduct ourselves in the business world tomorrow? As a student we can’t really complain about these things because the red tape kicks in again.

Reaching out to a staff member would look like this. You’d have to find out the name of the person you are seeking. That individual will probably have an email. Emails are typically answered within 3-5 business days. I attended smaller schools in my past and I’d usually get a response within 1-3 days.

I just think that effective communication from the teachers is crucial to the success of a student. It seems like PACE is really charging students tons of money for the size of the school and possibly fees encountered when dealing with maintaining a network of employers.