I really dont have good luck with colleges.

<p>Since last year when I was a senior in high school I have had bad luck with college admissions. Since last April I have been rejected by Virginia tech, Maryland, UVA, Temple(i applied really late), JMU, and now i just got rejected as a transfer to UMighigan. Im still waiting for my decision from Ohio state and Miami. I dont know why, i dont have horrible grades its just that maybe im one of those qualified students that they talk about on the rejection letters that they can accept because of space. If I dont get accepted to the two remaining schools im going to have to start the application process all over again because i really dont want to stay at this school.</p>

<p>have fun.</p>

<p>Virginia- is your present situation really that bad? If you can hold off for another year, show solid grades with a deep commitment to an EC or two, and show thoughtful and compelling reasons for wanting to transfer to your targeted schools, your chances will improve. Try to show your schools that you're wanting to transfer, not because you're unhappy with your present situation, but because you're looking for academic/extracurricular opportunities that their schools offer. Colleges want to see a solid transcript over a period of time that reflects a student's achievements and performance and grades from one sememster usually don't give enough of a comprehensive picture. Good luck!</p>