i really need advice, asap

<p>my original plan was to apply ED for cornell and bask in the glory of early advantage. but lately ive been in a time crunch. my teacher recs and info are due in a week at my school, and i still have to write my statements. i told myself if i got a 31+ on the ACT id apply, if not id need to retake it, as well as the SAT (i was planning on using the ACT to overshadow my not so hot SAT). but heres the thing: i downloaded the early score and got a 31, rounded up from 30.5. they havent given me my essay score, but it can really go both ways; i need a 31 or higher to keep my current composite score. my urgent question to you is: is the early advantage worth the trouble? given my info (posted below) would it be more advantageous to just wait till RD and boost my current scores, or to send in what i have? please please PLEASE help me out. (btw im applying to CAS)</p>

<p>stats (kept short for your viewing convenience):
GPA: 3.9, 4.1
sat 1910
sat ii (retaking oct. 14th): french 800, math 720, bio 690
AP:bio 4, french 5, Lit (taking), Chem (taking), Calc AB (taking)
pretty strong EC's.</p>


<p>i have another urgent question:
my EC's point to leadership (class gov., club officer, ethics group lead, civil air patrol, cabin leader at science camp) and pretty much no where in the area of academics. i really want to go into hotel management, but i dont have any business background whatsoever, so would that affect me? otherwise, im planning on applying to CAS undecided, since its got such a variety of majors. but i also heard CAS was the hardest one to get into. please help.</p>

<p>Hotel cators to a certain passion. If that is ur passion, then by all means apply for it. I can't answer ur question directly, because it is a pretty serious one, but I CAN say that you are a good applicant. Let's c wat others say</p>

<p>I feel that you are a good applicant as well and your stats are good. I also think that showing any kind of leadership should be accounted for and it seems that you have some involvements. I agree with figgy, in saying that showing passion about what you want to do is highly essential! Best of luck with whatever you choose ;)</p>

<p>thanks a lot. much appreciated</p>