I really need help with my app.

<p>I posted this on the transfer board but i thought i would post it here too since more people read this board. When I finished my application for transfering to the University of miami last month it said i didnt need a counsler evaluation form or an essay because i wasnt in high school anymore but today i get an email telling me that my essay and counsler evaluation form had not been recieved yet. I called them wondering why and they said i still need to send it in even though it doesnt say so on the app. I dont know what to do, my high school is a 2 hour drive away from where i am now could my parents give my high school the counselor paper? And i dont know where to find the essay they just told me to back online to the website but i already finished my app and it wont let me look at it. I remember going over th whole application like 5 times before i submitted it and there was no essay, I also checked the suplemental forms page and theres nothing about a transfer essay. I dont know what to do i already paid the $55 fee and i dont want to loose it.</p>

<p>Call your high school, and then fax the info to them. Follow up to make sure the high school received the fax, and sent the info to the college.</p>

<p>It may be that the college is asking for the info from you because you are a borderline case.</p>

<p>it sounds like maybe they don't know you're applying as a transfer...maybe because your app came in at the same time as their ED/EA apps they're confused?
But to answer your question, yes, if they need a counselor form, your parents could take it to your H S's guidance office with a stamped addressed envelope and they should do that for you. You may need to follow up with a phone call. Did you have a relationship with your GC where they will remember you? Even if not, they can look up your records and write something up.</p>

<p>I guess im going to get my parents to go to the school but i still dont know what to do about the essay. I searched the whole website and found nothing about a transfer essay, its too late to call them now since its past 5pm so i have to wait till monday, i just wish they would of contacted me with this information earlier becuase i called them right before i submitted my app and they said this stuff was only for freshman.</p>