I Really Need Some Advice

<p>Hi everyone - </p>

<p>I just finished up my freshman year of college at a small liberal arts school in Missouri. My current majors are English and Communications, and I'm doing well with those two, but lately I have been stressing out because I don't know if these majors are where my heart is. </p>

<p>I have always wanted to be a doctor...Ever since I was a little kid. However, when I entered high school and started taking math and science classes, I realized very quickly that my strong suits were not in these subjects. As I have begun college, I have realized even more that I might not be successful in these kinds of classes. But that small spark of hope of being a doctor has been in my mind for a long, long time. I really want to help people and I feel like I could do it successfully through medicine. My younger sister has diabetes and my mom has numerous health problems, so I have spent a lot of time in hospitals and as a result have become fascinated with medicine and helping people. I am just devastated that I don't think I could make it through the curriculum. </p>

<p>Has anyone else gone through this and/or does anyone have any advice for me in this process?</p>

<p>Have you taken any college science classes yet? If you take an interest in science you will begin to do well in it. Take some intro classes, study, ask questions, go to office hours, etc. and see how well you do in science after that.</p>

<p>Have you considered nursing? You'll still have to take science classes, but the math is much less intense. Also it will give you a chance to help people in a medicinal setting without having to endure the rigors of medical school.</p>

<p>I would have thought that the science would be more difficult than the math involved in either situation. One year of calc/stats shouldn't be that intense for someone seriously aiming for an MD...</p>

<p>Read some biochemistry on your own. It's not just about being interested in helping people, but also the scientific aspect of it (I personally find physiology fascinating)</p>