I REALLY need your advice/help H.S Senior

<p>Hey guys, this is my first post so sorry if I'm doing it wrong. However I am an incoming high school senior after registering I find out that my H.S screwed me over.</p>

<p>My Schedule looks something like this</p>

<p>Period: </p>

<li>A.P Calc</li>
<li>AP Literature</li>
<li>ASB Leadership (student council) I'm the VP of it...similar to VP of the entire school</li>
<li>AP Spanish Literature</li>
<li>Short Schedule.</li>

<p>I had planned on taking AP Stats, AP Gov, AP Spanish Lang, AP Lit, ASB and anatomy.
Now since someone messed up the order of the classes I have to choose between AP Calc(Which I don't really want to take) AP Gov(I REALLY want to take) and Physics or AP Chem(Which I don't want to take)</p>

<p>I will be applying to UCR, NYU, NAU, U of Chicago. UCLA and some California state Universities. Realistically speaking the best one I could get into is UCR . I will either be applying as undeclared or Political Sci major. Undeclared if i want to become a nurse Political Sci if i want to go to med school. My overall GPA is 3.4 over 400 community hrs and 4.0+ GPA for over a year and a half.</p>

<p>What I absolutely do not want to do is get rid of ABS-since its my passion and I love it-and add on anatomy however I still would be missing a science or math. </p>

<p>I really need your advice, school starts soon and I'm stressing out already. Please and thank you.</p>

<p>I really need help gus</p>

<p>I’m sure some will disagree with me, but I say take what you feel you will do well at and enjoy - Getting caught up in the ‘I need/should take ‘A’ more than ‘B’’ can be a recipe for disaster. If you want AP Gov…take it. Personally, I like to see 4 years of Math, but not enough to overrule what a person wants and will do better at. I would check with your first few choices to make certain they don’t want 4 years of Math, though, just to be sure. It is doubtful they have a requirement for 4 years of Social Studies type classes/Government, but I think most schools these days are fine with 3 years of Math so again…do what makes you happy…It is your Senior year and not your college Freshman year - Have a little fun.</p>

<p>The 3.4 is going to be a fairly big issue for some of the schools on your list. Pick a schedule that you will enjoy but that will also allow you to raise your GPA a bit this upcoming semester.</p>

<p>I think you get to ignore freshman gpa for UCs and CSUs. But you do need to see if not taking advanced courses in Chemistry and Math will hurt your chances at the UCs.</p>

<p>They “don’t” look at your freshmen year. I didnt understand the other half of your answer.</p>

<p>The 3.4 GPA is going to hurt you but I’d say try and make your senior year look as good as you can. A recommendation from most colleges is to take 4 years of each core class if you can. If I were you, and if you can handle it, I would do something like this:

  1. A.P Stats
  2. A.P Government
  3. AP Literature
  4. ASB Leadership
  5. AP Spanish Literature
  6. Anatomy or Physics</p>

<p>I would say that if you have to chose between AP’s that taking the AP you actually want to take would be the best thing to do. BUT, still take a math and a science because you don’t want to lack classes, especially if you might become a nurse. Generally colleges want you to take 2 years of science and then either chemistry or physics and an advanced level of one of those if you are going to be an nurse or some sort of science major. The AP Gov will definitely help you with becoming a PoliSci major so, it’s sort of depends upon what you will declare on your apps. So long story short (Nurse = take higher math/science, PoliSci = take higher Gov.) In my opinion anyway…</p>

<p>Can you appeal to someone at your school? Talk to someone in AVID to see if they can help you?
Can you take your missing science/math as summer school or in a community college weekend/night class or via dual enrollment,</p>

<p>Applying to NYU is not a good idea, they’re not generous with financial aid and you’re not competitive for it. (Check out “seven things you need to know about scholarships” on The college solution, online. Use your favorite search engine.)
For maximum financial aid, look into LACs in the Midwest. Check out Earlham, for example, passion for government is likely to be appreciated.
(Borrow a Fiske Guide or INsider’s Guide to the Colleges from your local library and start reading, writing down the names of colleges that sound interesting).
Look into schools that are good for poli sci such as AU, and apply to a variety of UC’s since AVID will help you figure out what to do.
Overall though your senior schedule should NOT be a short schedule. Plan something for that 6th period.
Keep ASB and AP Gov since you’re passionate about these. It’ll matter more to universities if you can write a convincing essays about what you’re passionate about, and back it up with things you’re actually doing.</p>

<p>I think that you should take what you want to take. However, if you are interested in medicine or nursing, it may be beneficial for you to take AP Calculus (which you will have to take anyway in college) and AP Chemistry (ditto).</p>

<p>On the other hand, though, you want to try to boost your GPA. So pick classes that you like and that you will do well in. It seems like you really want to take AP Government, so take that. (I chose AP Government over a fourth year of French in high school.) Also, if you can add AP Statistics in lieu of AP Calculus, I would do that if you really don’t want to take calculus. A lot of schools want to see 4 years of math, but statistics is easier than calculus and you’ll still have to take it as a pre-med or a nursing student.</p>

<p>I’ve talked to AVID and my consler as well as principle and these are my too possiblities</p>

<li>AVID OR … 0. AVID</li>
<li>AP Gov … 1. AP Cacl or Physics or AP CHEM</li>
<li>AP phsyc … 2. Reg Gov</li>
<li>AP LIT … 3. AP LIT</li>
<li>ASB … 4. ASB</li>
<li>AP spainish Lit … 5. AP Spainish Lit</li>

<p>These are the ONLY options available. I have the hardest schedule to work with. It sucks. Your feed back would be helpful. Please and thank you. Like I mentioned I wont apply in college as a Nursing major, i’ll go undeclared do my GE and then apply after a year or two. I will definitely consider going in as PoSci major or double major along with nursing.</p>

<p>@kaikai23 that was my original plan, but Anatomy conflicts with AP stats/AP lit/AP Spanish(Which i need) and its just a complete mess.</p>

<p>Here’s your problem, you don’t NEED 2 social sciences for medicine. You NEED math and science if you want to be in medicine… Having period 1 and 2 a social science is ultimately pointless as a nursing major. If political science is your passion, hands down, it makes a little more sense to say that you turned down advanced math and sciences courses for a class that would benefit your major (which I would include in the section on the common app for additional information).
If you decide that you want to take AP Gov, add a 6th period, if you can, of any math or science class possible. You don’t want to show that for your senior year you had a short schedule. Another option is to talk to your counselor about dual enrollment at a nearby college/university and see about taking a math/science class there, or maybe an online program. In any case, your schedule is strong with 4 AP classes, however, add the 6th class and then decide upon your AP’s. Have your counselor note in your applications that it was IMPOSSIBLE for you to take all 3 AP Gov, AP Calc, and AP Chem. Ultimately, the decision is yours, I would do what you feel will benefit you more in terms of your education.
If you could, I’d like to see what classes you’ve taken throughout high school. I could give you further advice to see a whole picture rather than a part. Feel free to PM me.</p>

<p>If you are applying for Poli Sci then most certainly take AP Gov. Take as many AP classes as possible no matter what you decide to do. They will all help. Even if you’re taking AP Chem over regular Physics. Unless you can take AP Physics, then you could certainly do that.
I took all AP senior year and it boosted my class rank a considerable amount because many seniors take it easy that last year.</p>

<p>Remember to ensure that science, math, and english are taken care of as well as government. If you don’t have 4 years of each of the core subjects then it won’t matter about anything else you do because you have to do this.</p>