I really need your help! Chances please!

<p>I was awarded a NROTC scholarship for Notre Dame in the fall. The scholarship is awarded prior to being accepted to the university. I knew that my stats were not strong enough for EA, so I applied to the other four schools on my list in case I needed to reassign it (which you can do if you don't get in where you were placed). I just found out last week that I got into Villanova and Fordham-I haven't heard from UVA or Tulane yet. Villanova was a strong second for me and I was thrilled to get in. I just don't know if I should give up on ND yet or not. My test scores are the only place where I have concern.</p>

<p>GPA weighted 4.93 Weighted
Rank: 2nd out of 555
EC's:three season athlete, plus tons of clubs with three president positions
I volunteer with civic organizations outside of school as well as lector at my church
I work at an icecream place year-around as well.
Legacy, Catholic</p>

<p>the kicker...</p>

<p>SAT 670 CR 670 M
ACT composite 30</p>

<p>I loved Villanova and I am excited, however the reality is if I cant reassign my scholarship there I am pretty much sucking wind and praying that I get into ND.</p>

<p>You’re right, the SAT and ACT will kick a lot. I would say you have a pretty low chance, but going to Villanova isn’t bad if you really like it.</p>

<p>Notre Dame is a great school, might also look at Holy Crossvery good school with NROTC and very nice campus 1 hour from Boston. HC has January 15th application due date.</p>