I really want to get into SEAS...

<p>Hey guys. This is my first post. I'm currently a Junior living in California and I was wondering what are my chances for Columbia SEAS? I really wanna get in</p>

<p>Asian American (Korean)
SAT 1500 SAT2's none yet, but planning on Physics, Writing, 2C, American, and maybe Bio
AP Euro 5
AP Stats 5</p>

<p>Weighted GPA = 4.7 out of 4.0 ; top 5% of 2006 class</p>

<p>9-11 courses</p>

Adv. Orchestra A, A
Hnrs Bio A, A
English 1 A, A
Hnrs Alg 2 A, A
Spanish 2 A, A
Regional Studies, Health A, A</p>

Adv. Orchestra A, A
Hnrs Precalc A, A
AP European History A, A
AP Statistics A, A
Spanish 3 A, A
Hnrs English 2 A, A
Hnrs Physics A, A</p>

Adv. Orchestra A
AP BC Calc A
AP Physics A
AP English A
AP Bio A
AP American A</p>

<p>Researching Swarm Engineering with Caltech mentor
Wrestling Team JV/V
Varsity Track and Field
co-Founder/Vice president of Young Musicians Club
Science Club
Communications Chair Key Club
Volunteer at Malibu Water Chemistry
1st Degree Black Belt in Taw Kwon Do
attended NSLC Medicine and Healthcare
teacher/co-founder of Oriental Mission Church youth services (helping inner city children in math, english, science, history)
500+ hrs of COmmunity Service
Violin for 10 years
2nd Chair Young Nak Youth Orchestra and member of Young Nak Adult Orchestrra</p>

<p>Applied for NIH internship, RSI, and Cornell Nanobiotechnology (do they help?)
Pomona-Wisconsin Mathematics Award
Wrestling 140lb Silver Medal</p>

<p>awesome recommendations from teachers
can write awesome personal essays</p>


<p>come on, what do you think your chances are? Of course they are good, posts like this are unnecessary. You have a good chance of being accepted, just keep in mind that Ivy League admissions are very random, so no one is a "shoe in". You clearly will have a great application and will be accepted to many fine schools. Just keep in mind that you need to focus in on something that will distinguish you from the thousands of other Asian kids with perfect scores.</p>

<p>Your stats are strong enough to qualify you. You have some strong ECs. You'll need to tie everything together in a way that tells a coherent story which relates to your interest in SEAS; if you can do that, your chances are good. Nothing is certain with crazy Ivy admissions, of course, so develop a diverse list of colleges you think you would enjoy. Good luck!</p>