I received my transcripts yesterday. Please chance an average student at Wake Forest

<p>I am a male attending a private school in Alabama. I just got my junior year transcripts yesterday.</p>

<p>GPA: 3.72 out of 4.6</p>

<p>9th: 3.36 out of 4.6</p>

<pre><code> English 9: B
Spanish 2: B
World history: B-
Geometry: B
Biology: B
Wellness and Fitness: B+ (1/2 credit)

<p>10th: 3.66 out of 4.6</p>

<pre><code> English 10: B
Spanish 3: B+
AP European History: A-
Alegbra 2/Trig: B
Chemistry: B+
Art History: A- (1/2 credit)

<p>11th: 4.11 out of 4.6</p>

<pre><code> AP Literature and Composition: A-
Spanish 4: A
AP US History: A-
Pre-Cal: A-
AP Physics: A-
Art: drawing and painting: A+ (1/2 credit)


<p>Varsity Basketball 10,11,12 (team captain 11 & 12)
Varsity Soccer 11,12
President of a political club which focuses on community service 11,12
I work at a restaurant over the summer 11, 12</p>

<p>I will have good recommendations and good essays. Chance me please.</p>

<p>I would say your GPA is a little low but its hard to say with out SAT/ACT scores, unless you are choosing not to send those in. However, if they are decent I would suggest sending them in as they may increase your chances.</p>

<p>Wilson1013- you have a very nice upward trend in grades, admissions at Wake will like that. Make sure you are ready for your interview, as that is important in SAT optional schools. Best of luck!</p>