I regret not SIR to UC Berkeley

I’m just going to go on a rant and I don’t expect any advice or whatnot. This is really just for me to get my emotions out there.

I SIR to UCSD over UC Berkeley and i’ve been regretting it ever since the June 1st deadline. When I was applying to schools for fall 2022, my goal was to get admitted and go to UCSD but I also unexpectedly got into UC Berkeley. I’ve visited both schools twice and I both liked them but when I visited UC Berkeley last week it made me like the campus more for some reason.

My view on the two schools flipped 180 degrees and for some reason now I want to go to Berkeley.

I’ve really been regretting my decision to not go to Berkeley especially since it would have been an amazing opportunity to attend such a prestigious university and unfortunately I passed on that offer.

Sigh. You live and you learn.

No. You take advantage of the fantastic opportunity in front of you. No sigh needed. Kick butt and find lots of success.

The grass is always greener on the other side. I suspect that had you SIRed to Berkeley you would be regretting not SIRing to UCSD, a school that you worked hard to get admitted to.

It’s the season of regrets on CC. It’s a perfectly human emotion. Don’t let it get in the way of your future.


You haven’t even been to college yet, so I’m not sure what living you’ve done. And what have you learned? A campus visit doesn’t tell you anything about what it’s actually like to be a student at Berkeley.

Sounds like buyer’s remorse. Happens to me all the time. That’s something that would be good to learn about.