i screwed myself over what should i do now

<p>First time posting but been reading for a long time. Great way for people to get advice and i really need some in the situation I'am stuck in right now. </p>

<p>I slacked off in high school and was forced to get a GED back in 2003. I started at a community college after my GED and completed about 24 credit with 3.5 gpa. In 2004 i got in a motorcycle crash and was paralyzed for a year, forced to quit school. After i got better through rehab i had many bills so i started to work for verizon. In 2009 i decided to go back to school and started attending my community college again. I have been able to raise my gpa to 3.82 and complete 55 credits at the end of this summer. I didn't wanna go to a major university and pay for basic classes so i thought maybe i should do another semester at my community college and go in spring 2011 as a junior. I was looking forward to applying to University of Texas and Texas A&M since im from Texas and also George Washington University but I'm a business major and just found out that UT and A&M do not accept business students during the spring, so should i apply into some other programs at those schools? After finding out this news i applied to University of Houston and UMBC and was accepted into both schools for fall but i think i can get to a better university. What i wanna ask you guys is what should i do now because i would really like to attend any one of those 3 universities i mentioned... also what are my chances to get into George Washington university for the spring semester with my gpa and credits? I really don't have much EC activities except for doing some community work at a fair and helping out with IKE storm cleanup through verizon. I do have about 4 year experience in corporate world working at verizon on many projects, products, and support. I really don't know where to go and what are my chances at any of those schools and would like to get the forums opinion. Looking back i wish i would have applied for admission to those schools for fall semester coming up but i wanted to finish all 60 credits at a community college before transferring to save money, which was a mistake now that i think about it.</p>

<p>It seems money is a factor for you, why do you want to GWU? Its pretty expensive
If you applied for fall admission to UH and UMBC, why didnt you apply for UT and A&M as well? Am I missing something?</p>

<p>money is not a issue its just i thought i could save some money by doing all 60 credits at my community college. I only applied to UH and UMBC because the dates for UT, A&M and GWU passed away. UH and UMBC were suppose to be my backup schools.</p>

<p>Have you stopped by the transfer office at your community college to ask about this? Maybe you can transfer into a different major at UT or A&M for second semester and then start your business major in the summer or fall.</p>

<p>There also is nothing wrong with working, finishing up your Associates degree, and applying to a larger list of schools for fall 2011.</p>