I screwed up my junior year.....

Junior year sucked basically. My grades plummeted to an all-time low, and I grew into a depressive state very quickly. I think the main cause of the issue was due to the time-consuming IB Diploma. Now I’ve since dropped the program (although I still take 5 IB courses) and my grades are back to normal, A’s and B’s. The majority of my schools are not too difficult to get into (70% acceptance rate), but i’m afraid that I won’t be accepted due to my poor grades last year. What are my chances??

I am mainly european, but also 1/8 Puerto Rican. I also found out that I descend from a family coming from the mayflower, and descend from daughters of the American Revolution. With this I can receive a couple of scholarships.

I generally suck at SAT testing and testing in general so my overall score from december is 1650 (R 540)(W550)(M550). However my essay score was a 10, which I’m assuming is pretty good.

(Junior Year)
IB Physics
IB Math Studies
IB Spanish
IB History of the Americas
IB English
IB Theatre
Theory of Knowledge
*I received straight A’s in Theatre, Econ, and TOK but really suffered in my Physics and History class. The rest ranged from A’s to B’s
GPA: 3.2

(Senior Year)
*SL means standard level and HL means higher level
IB Theatre SL II
IB Visual Arts SL II
Discrete Math and Prob Stat
IB Chemistry HL II (this is basically the freaking hardest class ever, like hard for college students too)
IB English HL II
IB Topics of the Twentieth Century
*Overall the majority of my grades are A’s, although I am receiving a couple B’s. Last quarter I got a C+ in topics, but its currently at a B. My GPA this year is currently unknown.

My school does not offer AP courses, so the only rigorous courses to offer are IB. I’m taking the most rigorous classes, and its definitely just as hard (if not harder)

-worked with children at a daycare center (10 hrs)
-worked at a summer camp (30 hrs)
-assisted a kindergarten class (10 hrs)
-student directed a full 2 hr musical for an Elementary School (also took head shots, set design, tech work, costume work, assisted in choreography and singing, etc.) (20hrs)
-girl scouts for 8 years
-ran a booth for a health awareness event twice (4 hrs)
-renovated a trailer to meet the needs of middle school parents who could not speak english. (8 hrs)

-performed twice in a choral/broadway production
-performed in the schools musical
-Odyssey of the Mind 3 years
-Created the Odyssey of the Mind Club last year
-Leading position for Odyssey of the Mind Club
-Written two one acts
-Created my own short film
-performed in two one acts
-performed in a short film

-National Junior Honor Society member
-received the silver in girl scouts (big thing)
-1st place in regionals, 2nd place in states, 2nd place in regionals again
-won the runatra fusca award for odyssey of the mind, which is aware to only two of the 200 competing teams. We won, and we were told at the ceremony that “This team is being nominated for its performance in its spontaneous competition. Because this is a spontaneous problem, we can’t say exactly what the team did that was so exceptional, but the judging team was blown away by the team’s creativity, risk-taking, and the way they created an inter-connected evolution of answers that the judges did not anticipate. The team excelled in ways that could not be rewarded with just points.” basically its a really, really big deal to win this award.
-best in show in gingerbread house contest!!! (out of 20 competing teams)

William & Mary
Savannah College of Art & Design
James Madison University
Virginia Tech
George Mason
Christopher Newport
Mary Washington
Virginia Commonwealth University

Please tell me my chances for each school (target, reach, etc.)
I really appreciate it thanks!

also don’t know if its necessary but I received the IBMYP certificate and my recommenders both are extremely talented teachers who I’ve known very well since sophomore year. They’re also William & Mary alumni, which is my top school.


i’m sorry, im not educated on what IB’s are. are they similar to Advance Placement classes? plus can’t really tell by test scores / grade point average and what colleges you’re thinking about

William and Mary and Georgia Tech seem to be too far out of your reach because of your SAT score.