i sent my fafsa last night but the UCs never got it?

<p>i checked the status on UCSB and UCI's admissions site and they said they never received it.
then i rechecked my fafsa to make sure my social security number, name, birthdate was correct and it was. the school ID numbers were also correct.
what do i do now?!</p>

<p>Wait...I don't think colleges can acknowledge receiving FAFSA that quickly. I think they have to upload or something</p>

<p>It does not get instantaneously sent to the schools the way you are expecting. Schools periodically download (upload?) from FAFSA on their own schedule. It may take a week or several for it to show up as received. (it usually takes about 3 weeks at my daughter's school).</p>

<p>oh i see.. thank you, i was just nervous because the deadline is tonight.</p>