*I should beat him over the head with a large stick*

<p>OK..so i'm a junior, finishing up the school year. I thought it was a good idea to enroll in college math to look good for Umich and Cornell in the fall.</p>

<p>So I took the placement test at my local community college, and scored an 80 on the college math exam(96th%ile). so the admissions counselor tells me that the highest math I can start with is COLLEGE ALGEBRA.</p>

<p>I tell him no way, i'm already up to pre-cal in HS..we argued for AN HOUR. here's what it sounded like:</p>

<p>ME: so..is there any way I can get into Applied Calculus 1 for the summer?
HIM: you need an 87 on the placement test. (98th%)
ME: but..I got an 80. that's close.
HIM: no, you gotta have an 87
ME: well is there any one I can talk to, i'm positive I can hang with the Applied Calculus kids.
HIM: well..i'm going on lunch break, but you can ask the math department..they'll just say no though.
ME: so I can ask them?
HIM: yeah, but they'll say no. you should've scored 87.
ME: well...i'll go ask them.</p>

<p>And I was like, this is BS, I mean, even as a Black Male, i'm gonna need something to stand out on my college application. So I took a snack break, and decided to camp out at the Admissions office. below, our second meeting:</p>

<p>HIM: oh, it's you again.
ME: yeah, the math department says I should go for Accelerated Precal.
HIM: well, no. you need an 87.
HIM: yeah. it's the same.
HIM: look, I know you're taking AP Calculus BC in school next year. You're a smart kid, you'll get into Cornell.
ME: well...can I talk to the math department about Precal?
HIM: yeah...but they'll say no.</p>

<p>SO, to make a long story short, I spent 5 HOURS at my local community college arguing with these people (I literally got kicked out)</p>

<p>so we made a deal: I'll take Accelerated College Algebra for 4 weeks, then go to Applied Calculus 1 for 4 weeks, then advance to Applied Calculus 2 for 10 weeks. And if Umich or Cornell defers me, I'll take Applied Calculus 3 for 10 more weeks. Admissions people are so tough to cope with...yet they hold god-like power over where you'll spend the next 4 years...</p>

<p>You aren't going to stand out by taking one community college class if you're just going to take it in high school next year. So many people come in with advanced credits that a calc I credit won't make you "stand out" in terms of admissions. I think you just wasted 5 hours for nothing.</p>

<p>read the bottom</p>

<p>I should beat you over the head with a stick for your username and for posting this conversation.</p>

<p>i'm middle class. i swear i've said that a million times.</p>

<p>Sign up for distance math via Stanford .........</p>

<p>I think it's pretty ridiculous that you argued with that person over what math class you deserved to take. You simply didn't score highly enough. Whose fault is that? It's certainly not the college's fault. It's your own fault. You may be able to handle the workload of the most advanced calculus course the college offers, but just because you think you can handle it doesn't make you entitled to it and it doesn't make the college obligated to bend rules in your favor. You don't even plan on going there. You're just using them to pad your resume. Worst of all, YOU DIDN'T SCORE HIGHLY ENOUGH.</p>

<p>98th percentile just to take the course is a little ridiculous. I would try for a local four-year instead of a community college. It can't hurt to try. Even so, taking advantage of all your high school opportunities is more important than taking college courses.</p>

<p>98% isn't ridiculous at all. If that's what they require, it's what they require. Also, look who the other testers are, a bunch of idiots. It doesn't hurt to argue a bit, but there's a point past which you can't go.</p>

<p>Just suck it up, take the algebra, and deal with it. Or, choose to do something else, whatever. Don't complain to us about it, as there's nothing we can do or any advice we can give you that will help your situation.</p>

<p>I think u should fight for what u believe in. There might other reason(s) why they think u can't handle the math richkid. So if u believe u can handle the higher math challenge them don't turn the other cheek. As long as u fight for what u think is rightfully yours the outcome doesn't matter. who knows maybe u did score high enough, have ur test regraded. the guy shouldn't have been so hostile, rules are r ridiculous to follow when they deter talent. anyways its a community college, since ur taking BC next year, it isn't much to worry about. I understand where u r coming from</p>

<p>i still don't understand why you want to take community college math courses when you haven't exhausted your high school's math curriculum.</p>