I sounded really nervous in my Columbia phone interview

<p>and came up with some really dumb responses to some of the questions. It definitely wasn't an open and fun conversation. I bombed it. How much will this hurt me?</p>

<p>Probably not much. I'm sure the interviewers are used to hearing nervous responses.</p>

<p>Now, if you emulated Miss Teen South Carolina ...</p>

<p>i emulated her a few times</p>

<p>It's normal to be nervous in interviews. Unless you blurted out something that was insulting or very intolerant, your nervousness probably won't hurt you.</p>

<p>They say "The best interview is a good conversation" and I really wanted it to be a good conversation, but I couldn't make it a good conversation. She just kept asking me questions and more questions. How do you transform an interrogation into a good conversation?</p>

i emulated her a few times


<p>LOL! I doubt that very much. I'm sure you did just fine. And your question about having a good conversation is an apt one. It's not easy in the best of circumstances, but a phone conversation with a stranger make it more difficult.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>An interview is not exactly the same as a conversation. The interviewer's job is to get the information that they need, which means that in most cases, an interviewer asks lots of questions, and the person being interviewed spends lots of time answering questions.</p>