I stayed up late at night to post this thread

<p>...well sort of but not really. Please help me find me more matches.</p>

<p>Numbers from my chances thread (which could really use your input also :))
-Class Rank: top 10%, got mostly A's
-By the end of my senior year, I would have taken 10 AP exams.
-770M 690CR 740W; total = 2200
-SAT II US History: 730, Math 2: 710, Korean: 800</p>

<p>Colleges I will be definitely applying to
Brown (reach, ED)
Washington Univ in St. Louis (reach)
Pitt (safety)</p>

<p>Intended major: sociology, anthropology, or political science
What I want in a college
-Not overwhelmingly conservative or religious but doesn't have to be superliberal either
-very loose core curriculum or none at all
-the college should be <6000
-class size is <15
-generous financial aid program; my parents moved here from Korea so my family is not financially well endowed
-don't know how to phrase this any better, but not too many snobby people? if I could have a social life without a car that would be nice
-suburban would be the best although I don't have a strong preference about this
-NEED MORE MATCHES! Thank you so much!!!!</p>

<p>Reed, maybe? It is ultraliberal, but is small and in the suburban setting you desire.</p>

<p>Grinnell? They lack a lot of diversity so you have a better shot at Grinnell than many other students. It also has an open curriculum. They are also very generous with financial aid (I got $45,000 a year to go). I think Grinnell is more rural than suburban, though.</p>

<p>bump 10char</p>

I think Grinnell is more rural than suburban, though.


Aye -- step outside and you'll find yourself in the middle of a cornfield. There is a train, but it goes about half the speed of a bumper car, and doesn't carry passengers anyway.</p>

<p>But yeah, the academics are solid and their financial aid tends to be quite generous. Might make a good match/safety.</p>

<p>Daniel12, thank you so much for your input and your imagery haha. Isn't Oberlin really rural like that too? I just looked at College Board and it says Grinnell is about 55 miles from Des Moines. That would be 2 hrs by car?</p>

<p>oh my gosh your my soulmate. haverford is my #1, and sexy can i used to be my #1 song. =] other places that im applying that loosely fit your criteria are : bryn mawr, mt holyoke, and hamilton</p>

<p>Maybe you should try the myUsearch college matching service to search for the best schools for you.</p>

<p>@radionowhere, hahaha really? maybe i'll see you in Haverford =) Thanks for the suggestion. I also noticed that Hamilton doesn't have a core curriculum, but I was a bit concerned about the atmosphere there. A lot of students at the college seem overwhelmingly wealthy.</p>

<p>yeoldstudent, thanks for the suggestion. I've never heard of the site until you told me about it. I'll be sure to take a look at it.</p>

<p>bump 10char</p>

<p>sexycani, true life about hamilton. it doesnt seem very diverse, plus its not close to a city where one can find diversity (thats my biggest problem with LACs) - hford and bryn mawr are close to philly, and mt holyoke is surrounded by smith, umass, etc</p>

<p>Ditto, radionowhere. Haverford was much better than I expected when I visited there. There were so many stores and restaurants within walking distance.</p>

<p>ah i love it! but we can save that for my hford thread -- although i guess it will end up being mostly eders</p>

<p>Sigh... Yeah I wish I could find more colleges like Vassar and Haverford. I was thinking about Pomona but it might be too much of a reach for me</p>

<p>yeah but what about pitzer and scripps? theyre not as selective</p>

<p>FYI: I drive through Haverford to go to work. It's literally one of the most SNOTTY places I've ever been. The students seem cool. However, you'll on the same road as a Ferrari dealership, a Maserati dealership, a LandRover dealership, etc. </p>

<p>A lot of the local high school kids DRIVE THOSE CARS!</p>

<p>but youre talking about hs students, not college students, right?</p>

<p>@hellojan, yea I couldn't help but to notice that Haverford is surrounded by big houses and prep schools. sigh... I don't even have a license yet.</p>

<p>wait, sexycani, are you a rising senior?</p>