I still can't figure out if I will start as U0 or U1 student next year

<p>Here is my problem:
I am a french student and I was accepted at mcgill in the BCom programm on the basis of my french baccalaureate
- my letter of acceptance said I had to do the 120 credit program
- my unofficial transcript in minerva says the same thing
- my curriculum says : " Your Classification for registration purposes is UG Level Year 1 New."
- and I recieved this email from mcgill about registration which said : "The Faculty of Management grants: a maximum of 30 credits for a Series S French Baccalaureate" and " Series S French Baccalaureate student will begin studies as U1 students and may choose courses in the Core curriculum"
Does anyone know how to find out or had the same problem in the past years? because I need to know which year it will be to register in the right courses</p>

<p>hey there! I had the same question and emailed someone on the arts oasis site. the reply I received said that if you are pretty sure you’ll enter as u1, then just go ahead and register for classes with that in mind. however, Minerva will block you from registering for certain classes because you are still listed as u0 at the moment. your documentation should be updated some time this summer and that can change your status, so you can change your course selection at that time.</p>

<p>thanks a lot !</p>