I still don't get my ED decision, anyone else?

<p>I am soooooooooo freaked out! I applied for ED and got an e-mail saying my app was complete and everything.... but WHERE IS MY FREAKING DECISION?????</p>

<p>ahh... hate this! anyone else?</p>

<p>What school did you apply to?</p>

<p>WCAS the most common</p>

<p>I didn't get mine either.....Ive been reading these threads this entire week, and just now I decided to join so you didn't feel alone! I haven't gotten an email and I'm freaking a little...I'll freak more if i dont get an email by tmo morning...I applied school of communications...</p>

<p>My email came in my spam. Check your spam!</p>

<p>I checked...nothing! ahh!</p>

<p>i havent either and seriously cannot concentrate on anything else!!! i applied to medill and my last name is G so obviously its not alphabetically</p>

<p>sweeeet no way i can study for exams!</p>

<p>@whereohwhere Thx for joining. :D I've been anxious since last friday, I know the decision could come out tmr but that most of the others got theirs really freaked me out. we probably both should just go to bed and i think i'll call the office tmr.</p>

<p>@Scorch7 thx. my last NU email came in my spam so i've been checking on it ever since. but still nothing..... :(</p>

<p>yeah, I'm going to bed soon, and hopefully wont have any more NW dreams...i had 3 last night! agh! I'm not evening expecting to get in - I know its a 50-50 chance, but I'd love to know hahaha i still have that little hope that maybe just maybe they'll accept me....goodluck, and I hope you can get some sleep!</p>

<p>@amg992 same here! only i've been like this all weekend already... really need the decision, even a deferral or rejection is something!</p>

<p>@whereohwhere I had one of those NU dreams last night and woke up crying. hopefully you'll sleep well 2night and wake up seeing the big "congratulations". I'm in another time zone, it's 11am now, so.... another whole day of anxiety!!! good luck to all of us.</p>

<p>aww i'm sorry! its 10 at night here...well if we all get in, we have to meet up on campus in the fall hahaha and be friends! bonding over our ridiculous extended wait hahaha I'm trying to be lighthearted about it :)</p>

<p>ahh yes being lighthearted is all we can do. but im probably not going to sleep tonight because ill be checking my email every 20 minutes but GOOD LUCK!!!!! and yes automatic friends in the fall haha</p>

yeah we're definitely going to meet up, i'm thinking by Lake Michigan? haha, I have to keep reminding myself not to get my hope up, my chance really ain't big at all.</p>

any one apply to SESP?</p>

<p>california applicant into mccormick and nothing yet. last name starts with a p.</p>

<p>my last name starts with P too hahahaa
and yes, restless sleep tonight hahaha
good luck to you all
hope we hear soon!</p>

<p>@amg992 you should probably relax. i don't think they'll send anymore of it tonight. i'll def. call in tmr.</p>

<p>mine starts with a C... i don't think it's alphabetical tho.</p>