I submitted SIR but can't find where to pay $100 fee, & Housing?!

<p>I'm stressing a bit right now. I want to get this outta the way. I submitted my SIR via the UCR site so far but cannot find where I should pay for the $100 SIR fee everyone's been talking about here on the forums..</p>

<p>..Secondly, I can't find the housing guarantee form/site...I have to ask for help here as i'm super disoriented right now.</p>

<p>Finally, after doing all this...is this all?</p>

<p>My SIR fee was deferred and it said it will be added onto my fees for Fall 2010 - did yours say anything about deferment?</p>

<p>I think I did see something along the lines of fees for fall 2010. I'll make sure to call the school tomorrow just so I won't freak out. </p>

<p>What about housing?</p>

<p>I found the housing website but said In order to fill out some application online I needed a Net ID which can't seem to find or get. I read somewhere in the UCR site that it takes anywhere from two to four days. Any word ? Help?</p>